Roche LightCycler 480 Real-Time PCR Machine


  • A fully integrated multiwell-plate based real-time PCR machine
  • Flexibly switch between 96- or 384-well plate formats. Recalibration is not required after block exchange.
  • Excitation filters: 440nm, 465nm, 498nm, 533nm and 618nm. Emission filters: 488nm, 510nm, 580nm, 610nm, 640nm and 660nm. You may visit Roche website (external website) for more details.
  • Support all current Real-Time PCR formats and applications (gene expression, SNP analysis, haplotyping, mutation scanning)
  • LightCycler 480 Software (Version 1.5) enables different analysis capabilities for product characterisation (SYBR Green I assays, Tm calling), gene quantification (absolute and relative), and genotyping (end-point or melting curve-based methods)
  • The LightCycler® 480 Multiple Plate Analysis Software allows you to perform large-scale analyses by easily comparing and visualizing PCR data from multiple instrument runs.
  • High Resolution Melting Analysis for screening genetic variations (SNPs, mutations, methylations) in PCR amplicons.
  • Reaction volumes: 10-100ul for 96-well format and 5-20ul for 384-well format
  • Multiwell plates with cut-away corner for error-free positioning and applied bar code for easy assay and sample tracking


You can download the LightCycler 480 software installation zip file, put it to the "Program Files" folder in your computer, unzip the file, and then double-click the "LightCycler480_Software_Setup.exe" file to install the software to your computer.


Use of the machines in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • Please book the machine before use via online booking system (external website).
  • Users are responsible for supplying all their own plastic ware and reagents.
  • Save files in your own folder in the "LightCycer480 Run File" folder in the local disk (C:). No internet access is available in this computer.

Tips and addition information

  • Use hot-start qPCR master mixes to improve the specificity, sensitivity, and yield of qPCR.
  • To achieve optimal assay performance, only use LightCycler 480 Multiwell Plates (white or clear 96-well or 384-well formats are available). You may order it at a discount price through the Bosch Molecular Biology Facility.
  • If you would like to learn more about the real-time PCR experimental design and data analysis, please contact Dr. Donna Lai, the Molecular Biology Officer. Bioanalyzer, Real-time RT-PCR workshops are conducted occasionally during the year. Please contact Dr. Donna Lai for details.