Avestin EF-C5 Emulsiflex C5 homogeniser

The Avestin EmulsiFlex-C5 homogenizer is capable of handling a range of applications:

  1. Cell rupture – one pass through the homogenizer at 15000-17000psi/103-117MPa has been shown to rupture almost all of the cells in a batch of E.coli.
  2. Lipsosomes – In general, four passes at 15000psi/103MPa are sufficient to form a homogenous population of unilamellar liposomes.
  3. Emuslions - one to four passes through the homogenizer at 10000-20000psi/69-138MPa are sufficient to form a homogenous emulsion.
  4. Dispersions – the size of dispersion particles can be dramatically reduced by processing through the EmulsiFlex-C5 through its entire pressure range.

The minimum possible sample volume for the EmulsiFlex-C5 homogenizer is 7mL.

Viscous samples can also be processed successfully.

The entire product path of the EmulsiFlex –C5, including the sample cylinder and the filter/extruder assembly can be immersed in a temperature controlled water bath or ice. Temperatures up to 70˚C are possible.

Online booking (external website) is available. Please book the machine before use. Users are responsible for cleaning up the machine after use. Standard Operation Procedure is available from the Molecular Biology Officer.