AKTA Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC) system

AKTA FPLC system is a fully automated liquid chromatography system designed for research scale purification of proteins, wherein proteins of various sizes can be readily purified using different kinds of columns.


  • Fully automatic system: a computer running UNICORN software controls the separation unit and fraction collector. System automatically shuts down when pressure exceeds the limit.
  • One working platform for all liquid chromatography techniques suitable for protein purification, from micro-gram to gram scale.
  • User friendly software. The instrument can either be controlled manually or using programmed runs.
  • Dual-pump system: Pump P-920 with a pressure sensor connected to pump module A and B.
  • The chemical resistance of the pump makes it possible to use with corrosive liquids, such as organic solvents, as well as with high salt aqueous solutions. A full list of chemical resistance guide and chemical compatibility is available.
  • Flow rates up to 20ml/min and pressures up to 5 MPa.
  • Mixer M-925: all eluents can be mixed with a high degree of accuracy an reproducibility.
  • Default methods for columns supplied by GE Healthcare are available with the UNICORN software. Customised methods can be created based on the method templates.
  • Online UV and conductivity flow cells. Eluting peaks can be easily monitored.
  • Frac-950 fraction collector (up to 120 fractions).

Use of the machine in the Molecular Biology Facility and some tips

  • online booking system (external website) is available.
  • User are responsible for supplying all their own columns, consumables and reagents.
  • Only FPLC columns can be used, the instrument does not support HPLC columns.
  • Save your methods in your own folder, which is essential in a multi-user environment. This also helps when re-purification of several batches has to be carried out.
  • Set up the pressure limits for different columns based on the specifications of the manufacturer. This option is extremely useful as the software automatically shuts down the pumps and pauses the run when the pressure exceeds the maximum cut-off. It will save the columns, which are expensive.