Bosch Institute News 2014

Arthur V. Everitt, 1924–2014


Image of Arthur Everitt

Arthur Everitt passed away on 30 Dec 2014 at age 90. After his retirement in 1983 Arthur maintained a close association with Physiology. He graduated BSc First Class Honours and University Medal in 1953 and was made a Teaching Fellow, then temporary Lecturer in 1955, Lecturer in 1960 and Associate Professor from 1972. In 2008 he received the Distinguished Achievement award from the American Aging Association.

Media reports research findings of Bio PhD student, Ian O'Brien

Image of Ian O

Congratulations to Ian O'Brien, a PhD student in the Discipline of Biomedical Science who was reported and interviewed in the media following recent publication of his research on hearing loss and hearing conservation amongst Australia's professional orchestras.

Ian is also a clinical audiologist and a professional musician. He has been researching hearing loss and hearing conservation amongst Australia's professional orchestras as part of the ARC Sound Practice Project. Ian's PhD supervisors are Dr Bronwen Ackermann and A/Prof Tim Driscoll.

He was interviewed on the ABC News Radio's Drive program and the ABC Radio National's Body Sphere program following reporting of their latest article (published in the Annals of Occupational Hygiene) which was picked up by Reuters (follow link below to read the artricle):

HL and PO Bishop Fellowship in Neuroscience

Image of Bishop

The Bosch Institute of the University of Sydney invites applications for the inaugural HL and PO Bishop Fellowship in neuroscience. Endowed by the late Professor P.O. Bishop (Professor of Physiology, 1956-7) the Fellowship is to enable the awardee to undertake a project of 1 – 2 years’ duration, which will further neuroscience in the Bosch Institute and more widely.

Applications should be made on a proforma application, which can be downloaded from here.

Applicants are requested to set out a project or program of activities they would undertake during the Fellowship, and a proposed budget. Activities could include, but are not limited to:

  • A visit to a neuroscience centre for collaborative work
  • A novel development in neuroscience
  • Improvement in the communication/teaching of neuroscience

The closing date for applications is 27 February 2015. The funds will be available from July 1 2015. There is no age guideline. Preference will be given to a member of the Bosch Institute.

Congratulations - Physiology Prize Recipients

June saw the presentation of the Physiology prizes at the Annual Physiology Prize giving event.

Shannon Marie Locke

Colin Dunlop Prize - Shannon Locke, Presented by, Dr Stephen Assinder

Holly Holliday 200x200

David J Monk Adams Award - Holly Holliday, Presented, by Dr Stephen Assinder

Martin Burgess 200x200

Dr HG Chapman Prize - Martin Burgess, Presented by, Dr Stephen Assinder

Li Wang 200x200

Y E Knight Neuroscience Essay Prize - Li Chin Wang, Presented by, Dr Vladimir Balcar

peter andrew lee 200x200

Intermediate Physiology Merit Award - Andrew Hyun Lee & Peter Joon Lee, Presented by, Dr Michael Morris

paul wilcox 200x200

Outstanding Achievement in Integrative Neuroscience Prize - Paul Wilcox, Presented by, Dr Cathy Leamey

Overseas Research Opportunity

16TH JULY 2014

Image of Victoria Tung

PhD candidate, Victoria Tung has been successful in obtaining a University of Sydney Grant in Aid to support a period of overseas research towards her PhD candidature. Victoria, a student of Dr. Aaron Camp from the Bosch Institute's Sensory Systems & Integration Laboratory, will be working with Dr. Katie Rennie at the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado in Denver USA. While in Colorado Victoria will investigate how the cellular responses of our balance receptors - the vestibular hair cells - change during ageing. Using young and old mice, Victoria will make patch-clamp electrophysiological recordings from the two types of vestibular hair cells (type I and II) as well as the calyx primary afferent neurons that transmit signals from the peripheral balance organs back to the brain. Ultimately, Victoria's work may lead to novel therapeutic targets to ameliorate age-related declines in balance performance. Victoria leaves for the US in 2 months time.

Brain Awareness Week

18TH JUNE 2014


Dr Jin Huang, Bosch Institute, Discipline of Biomedical Science, and her team performed a range of brain related activities with Year 8 students from Condell Park High School.

Dr Jin Huang organised a variety of fun and hands-on brain awareness activities on Wednesday 18th June 2014. These activities aimed to increase public awareness of the benefits and progress of brain research. Dr Huang and her team (see below) with Year 8 students from Condell Park High School performed a range of brain related activities. From the positive feedback students provided, it was clear the kids loved to experiment with their reflexes, get their hands dirty (lamb brain dissection) and enjoyed the tasting of jelly beans. They also discovered some amazing body sensations and found out how the brain works! Below are some of the written comments the kids provided:

  • Today's activities in the incursion were amazing and we love to repeat them again!
  • We appreciate your visit and hope to see you again sometime. A warm welcome.
  • Had a great time, learnt many things.
  • Epic and awesome.
  • Great.
  • Fascinated by the particular aspects of science learnt.

It was good to have some information on the brain and other functions. Overall, they were well prepared and done.
We would like to thank our Discipline of Biomedical Science for funding these activities. These activities are also part of the activities organised by members of the Sydney Chapter of The American Society for Neuroscience and members of the Australasian Neuroscience Society.

Team members:
Discipline of Biomedical Science: Drs Jin Huang (leader), Alan Freeman, Elizabeth Hegedus, Damian Holsinger and Miss An Truong
Discipline of Physiology: Dr Dario Protti, Mr Josef Daroczy, Mr Ibrahim Darwish and Mr Charles Yates
BMRI: Dr Eryn Werry
ACU: Dr Paul Tawadros

Bosch Distinguished Seminar Series, May 2014

4TH MAY 2014

brian morris 200px image cropped

Professor Emeritus Brian Morris
Renin, Genes and Finding the Cause of Hypertension
Thursday 22 May, 2014
1.00pm - 2.00pm
Lecture Theatre 104, New Law Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Please click to read more (PDF 30KB).

Rebecca L Cooper Medal and Prize Winner Announced

23RD OF MARCH 2014

Image of Rebecca L Cooper Medal

Congratulations to the Rebecca L Cooper 2013 Medal and Prize recipient, Dr. Michael Li-Hsuan Huang. Dr. Li-Hsuan Huang was awarded the prize for his paper Hepcidin Bound to α2-Macroglobulin Reduces Ferroportin-1 Expression and Enhances its Activity at Reducing Serum Iron Levels. Dr. Michael Li-Hsuan Huang is a highly productive young postdoctoral investigator that has published 15 articles, reviews, and book/chapters in the last 5 years (11 articles as 1st author ). Dr. Li-Hsuan Huang's PhD was awarded in 2011 with no emendations and he was presented the Peter Bancroft Prize for an outstanding PhD thesis from the University of Sydney. Dr. Huang currently holds a highly prestigious NHMRC Peter Doherty Biomedical Early Career Fellowship to continue his research in Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney. Over his brief career, he has published in highly regarded international journals, including Blood, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, American Journal of Pathology, Antioxidant & Redox Signaling, Biochemical Journal, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, etc. Dr. Huang’s research is focused on iron metabolism; in particular, the regulation of hepcidin, the hormone of iron metabolism, and disorders associated with iron dys-regulation, e.g. the neuro- and cardio-degenerative disorder, Friedreich’s ataxia.

Dr. Michael Li-Hsuan Huang was presented with the Rebecca L Cooper Medal and Prize at a special Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation Dinner scheduled on the 5th April.

mhuang medal presentation

The Rebecca L Cooper Medal and Prize:

The prize was offered for the first time in 2004. It is made possible by a generous donation from the Rebecca L Cooper Foundation, which supports biomedical research in Australia.

A medal and $500 prize may be awarded annually to a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working in the laboratory of a member of Bosch Institute at the University of Sydney. The paper may be multi-authored, but the candidate must be First or Senior Author and have made major contributions to both the practical aspects of the research and the preparation of the paper.
Past winners

2012 - Dr Jane Ellen Carland
Oleoyl L-carnitine inhibits glycine transport by GlyT2

2011 - Dr Zaklina Kovacevic
"Novel thiosemicarbazone iron chelators induce up-regulation and phosphorylation of the metastasis suppressor N-myc down-stream regulated gene 1: A new strategy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer"

2010 - Dr Paul J Austin
"Peripheral nerve injury differentially regulates dopaminergic pathways in the nucleus accumbens of rats with either "pain alone" or "pain and disability""

2009 - Dr Aaron Camp
"Adaptable mechanisms that regulate the contrast response of neurons in the primate lateral geniculate nucleus"

2008 - Dr Rita Machaalani
"Neuronal cell death in the sudden infant death syndrome brainstem and associations with risk factors"

2007 - Dr Renae Ryan
"The uncoupled chloride conductance of a bacterial glutamate transport homolog"

2006 - Dr Andrea Markus
"WT1 interacts with the splicing protein RBM4 and regulates is ability to modulate alternative splicing in vivo"

2005 - Dr Othon Gervasio
"Increased ratio of rapsyn to Ach receptor stabilizes postsynaptic receptors at the mouse neuromuscular synapse"

2004 - Dr Janette Burgess
"Detection and characterisation of OX40 ligand expression in human airway smooth muscle cells: a possible role in asthma?"

Bosch Institute - 2014 AMF Micrograph Image Competition Winner


Image of Micrograph

It is with great pleasure to announce the Winner of the Student Prize for the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Image competition 2014...

Michael Kahramanian (Anatomy & Histology)

Sam Adamson (Anatomy & Histology).
Peter Newman (Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials Research Unit).
Mustafa Kassem (BMRI)
Jia Hao (Blood Cell Development Laboratory)

Once again the judges had many outstanding images to choose from - and some of these will be included in the Bosch "coffee table" book that will be put together this year for publication. Images submitted to the Bosch AMF Micrograph competition in previous years (2008-2012) will also be considered for publication in this photobook.

The 2014 winning and highly commended images can be viewed from the link here - so do take a look

Tickets for the Annual Bosch Young Investigators Welcome Harbour Cruise are now on sale!


Image of BYI cruise poster

Join us for a fun night out on the harbour to welcome our new honours students, PhD students and Post-Docs to the Bosch Institute!

The theme this year is "Tragedy", and there will be prizes for the best costume! A variety of pizzas and unlimited local beers, wine and soft drink (three hours) will be included in your ticket, as well as four hours cruising on Sydney’s beautiful harbour.

This is a great opportunity for people from different disciplines to network and socialise and is always a fantastic night!

The cruise will be held on Friday April 4th, with the boat departing from King St Wharf, Darling Harbour at 6.45 pm. The cruise will go for four hours and passengers will disembark at the same wharf at 11 pm.

It would be great if you could inform new students of the cruise (poster attached).

Ticket Prices:
Bosch Members: $40
Non-Bosch Members: $45

To purchase tickets, please contact one of the following Bosch Young Investigator committee members from the link here.

Hope to see you there!

The Bosch Young Investigators Committee

Order of Australia awarded to Professor George Ramsey-Stewart


george ramsey-stewart

"For service to surgical education"
The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology congratulates Professor George Ramsey-Stewart for his recent Medal in the General Division of the Order of Australia (OAM). He has worked tirelessly as Professor of Surgical Anatomy at the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology since 2007 and as Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the Central Clinical School since 1995. Professor Ramsey-Stewart is also an Emeritus Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.