Image of the Month 2017

March - Insulin-producing Beta cells of the Pancreas

Image of the month

Image by Jason Tong, Thorn Group, Physiology

This image of the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas was taken using super-resolution STED microscopy. The insulin (labelled red) is found in vesicles in the cytoplasm of the cells.

Green: Arp3 (actin-related protein 3), labelled with, Alexa Fluor 488
Magenta: F-actin labelled with Alexa Fluor 594
Red: Insulin, labelled with Alexa Fluor 633

February - Microstructures between Developing Erythroid cells in the Erythroid Niches

Image of the month

Image by Jia Hao Yeo, Physiology

Erythroid niches are specialized bone marrow niches for erythroid cells. Despite their discovery in the 1950s, little is known about the morphology of these erythroblastic islands. This scanning electron micrograph reveals pilus like structures between the developing erythroid cells and other microstructures that have not previously been described.

January - Transverse Section of a Sperm Flagellum

Image of the month

Image by Sam Dowland, Anatomy and Histology

Transmission electron micrograph of a cross section of a sperm flagellum showing the characteristic “9 + 2” arrangement of microtubules in the axoneme. Nine fused microtubule doublets form a ring surrounding two single microtubules at the centre. Nine mitochondria can be seen to surround the periphery of the axoneme, one for each microtubule doublet.