An overview of research training

One of the major goals of the Bosch Institute is to position itself as the pre-eminent centre of excellence for the training of future biomedical researchers. To this end we have established the Bosch Young Investigators, a student-run program that aims to provide support and opportunities for collaboration for all research students and postdoctoral fellows within the Institute.

All students, including Honours, Masters and PhD candidates as well as postdoctoral fellows who are undertaking their research in one of the Bosch Laboratories are automatically recognised as a Bosch Young Investigator. This privilege entitles them to access the centralised core facilities within the Bosch Institute (molecular biology, advanced microscopy and flow cytometry) and to take advantage of the extensive program conducted through the Bosch Young Investigators Committee.

These events include:

Honours 2007 Group Photo
Bosch Institute Young Investigators undertaking Honours in 2007