Bosch Young Investigators


Bosch Young Investigators Committee 2016

BYI Group photo

Top row: David Clarke, Hannah Glover, Kevin Danastas, Leyla Fouani, Benjamin Harris. Bottom row: Victoria Tung, Rosita Pang, Sharleen Menezes, Miranda Mathews, Kim Chau Le, Sadaf Kalam.

The Bosch Young Investigator Program is coordinated by a committee of Young Investigators (Postgraduate Research Students and Junior Postdoctoral Researchers), with each member representing different disciplines of the School of Medical Science, including members from other research laboratories affiliated with the Bosch Institute.
The Committee coordinates a number of events throughout the year with the primary purpose of each event to bring the large number of Young Investigators together. Given the sparse geographic spread of the Institutes laboratories and researchers across campus, this is the most fundamental aspect leading to the success of our program. Most of the time the events are organised to encourage scientific exchange; however social activities are also organised to promote awareness and encourage involvement of all young investigators especially those newest to the Institute.

A video message from the Bosch Institute's Executive Director, Professor Jonathan Stone.