Prizes & scholarships

Bosch Institute Young Investigators are eligible for a number of prizes to reward research excellence including:


Bercovici medal

2018 - Wan Jun Gan
"Local Integrin Activation in Pancreatic b Cells Targets Insulin Secretion to the Vasculature"

2017 - Not awarded

2016 - Rosemary Carter
"Tuning the Ion Selectivity of Glutamate Transporter Associated Uncoupled Conductances"

2015 - Not awarded

2014 - Sam Merlin
"Deletion of Ten-m3 induces the formation of eye dominance domains in mice"

2013 - Not awarded

2012 - Giselle Yeo
"The tropoelastin bridge region in elastic fibre assembly"

2011 - Francine Marques
"Gene expression profiling reveals renin mRNA overexpression in human hypertensive kidneys and a role for microRNAs"

2010 - Erin Goddard
"Combination of subcortical color channels in human visual cortex"

2010 - Janet van Eersel
"Sodium selenate mitigates tau pathology, neurodegeneration, and functional deficits in Alzheimer's disease models"

2009 - Sean Lal
"Using antibody arrays to detect microparticles from acute coronary syndrome patients based on cluster of differentiation (CD) antigen expression"

2008 - Daniel Getts
"Ly6c+ "inflammatory monocytes" are microglial precursors recruited in a pathogenic manner in West Nile virus encephalitis"

2007 - Joshua Young
"Cortical reorganization consistent with spike timing – but not correlation-dependent plasticity"

2006 - Maryam Seyedabadi
"A novel pressor area at the medullo-cercical junction that is not dependent on the RVLM: efferent pathways and chemical mediators"

2005 - Kimberley Alexander
"Differential protenin expression in the prefrontal white matter of human alcholoics: a preteomics study"

2004 - Catherine Stedman
"Feed-forward regulation of bile acid detoxification by CYP3A4. Studies in humanized transgenic mice"

2003 - Rita Machaalani
"Increased neuronal cell death after intermittent hypercapnic hyposia in the developing piglet brainstem"

2002 - David Adams
"ZNF265 - a novel splicesomal protein able to induce alternative splicing"

2001 - Monique Heinke
"Apoptosis of ventricular and atrial myocytes from pacing-induced canine hear failure"

2000 - Michelle Cummins
"Purinergic responses in HT29 colonic epithelial cells are mediated by G protein alpha subunits"

1999 - Samuel Solomon
"Temporal contrast sensitivity in the marmoset lateral geniculate nucleus"

1998 - Keith Brain

1997 - Yvette Morcos


Rebecca L Cooper Medal

2018 - Not awarded

2017 - Dr Bryony Winters
"Endogenous opioids regulate moment-to-moment neuronal communication and excitability"

2016 - Dr Jiao Jiao Li
"Efficacy of novel synthetic bone substitutes in the reconstruction of large segmental bone defects in sheep tibiae"

2015 - Not awarded

2014 - Dr Michael Lovelace
"P2X7 Receptors mediate innate phagocytosis by human neural precursor cells and neuroblasts"

2013 - Dr Michael Li-Hsuan Huang
"Hepcidin Bound to α2-Macroglobulin Reduces Ferroportin-1 Expression and Enhances its Activity at Reducing Serum Iron Levels"

2012 - Dr Jane Ellen Carland
"Oleoyl L-carnitine inhibits glycine transport by GlyT2"

2011 - Dr Zaklina Kovacevic
"Novel thiosemicarbazone iron chelators induce up-regulation and phosphorylation of the metastasis suppressor N-myc down-stream regulated gene 1: A new strategy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer"

2010 - Dr Paul J Austin
"Peripheral nerve injury differentially regulates dopaminergic pathways in the nucleus accumbens of rats with either "pain alone" or "pain and disability""

2009 - Dr Aaron Camp
"Adaptable mechanisms that regulate the contrast response of neurons in the primate lateral geniculate nucleus"

2008 - Dr Rita Machaalani
"Neuronal cell death in the sudden infant death syndrome brainstem and associations with risk factors"

2007 - Dr Renae Ryan
"The uncoupled chloride conductance of a bacterial glutamate transport homolog"

2006 - Dr Andrea Markus
"WT1 interacts with the splicing protein RBM4 and regulates is ability to modulate alternative splicing in vivo"

2005 - Dr Othon Gervasio
"Increased ratio of rapsyn to Ach receptor stabilizes postsynaptic receptors at the mouse neuromuscular synapse"

2004 - Dr Janette Burgess
"Detection and characterisation of OX40 ligand expression in human airway smooth muscle cells: a possible role in asthma?"