Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health honours excellence in teaching by awarding two types of teaching awards, The Lorimers and Sustained Excellence in Teaching Awards.

The Lorimers

The Lorimers are presented at the final Grand Rounds at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead each year. The awards are named after Sir Lorimer Dods, the Foundation Professor of Child Health at The University of Sydney. The Lorimers are awarded to teachers of graduate and postdraduate students, following the collection of student nominations each calendar year. Award categories include medical teachers, surgical teachers, clinical reasoning tutors, teachers at rural sites, lecturers, teachers from nursing and allied health, and postgraduate supervision.

The 2010 Lorimer award winners are listed below, together with one of the student commendations for each award winner:

Stewart Birt

Clinical Reasoning Session (CRS) tutor – Stewart Birt
“His informal teaching style was effective at communicating key topics in paediatric theory and clinical practice.”

Kevin Gaskin

Medical teaching – Kevin Gaskin
“He displayed a genuine interest in getting to know us as people, not just impart information. We felt quite humbled that the head of department was willing to give up so much of his own busy schedule just to sit down and chat and tutor a couple of med students who were only with his team for a week.”

Naveen Thomas

Surgical teaching – Naveen Thomas
“He always took time out to explain what was going on. Whether in the theatre, clinic or ward rounds, he was always explaining things and asking us questions to test our knowledge. His positive and encouraging attitude really empowered us and motivated us to keep trying and to learn as much as we could.”

Stuart Crisp

Teacher at regional/rural sites – Stuart Crisp
“He is very skilled at providing interactive tutorials and explaining difficult concepts in ways that are easy to understand and remember. He keeps an eye out for interesting cases that present to Emergency and gives helpful suggestions as to what we should do to maximise our learning experience with each case.”

Ronalda Hoffman

Nursing and allied health – Ronalda Hoffman (Social Worker, Adolescent Health)
“Ronalda was a kind of ambassador for adolescent health as well as a willing teacher. She helped to orient me and made me feel welcome, and was able to demonstrate the important role of allied health in paediatric medicine.”

Jacquie Dalby-Payne

Lectures and structured teaching – Jacqueline Dalby-Payne
“Dr. Dalby-Payne's lecture was the perfect combination of education and succinctness; she gave us the pertinent information without overwhelming us with detail.”

Joshua Burns

Postgraduate Supervision Awards:
Postgraduate research supervision – Joshua Burns
“Josh has amazing attention to detail and is tireless in striving for excellence. His enthusiasm and love of research is infectious.”

Aaron Schindeler

Postgraduate research student administration support - Aaron Schindeler
‘Aaron has a master plan for everything and comes up with amazing ideas.’
He is an enthusiastic contributor to our research community and is always ready to help others.”

Sustained Excellence in Teaching Awards

The inaugural Sustained Excellence in Teaching Awards were presented to Professor Peter Van Asperen and Associate Professor John Harvey by the Dean, Professor Bruce Robinson, on 11 November 2010. Professor Van Asperen and Assoc. Prof Harvey have been actively involved in teaching for many years, both as lecturers and small group tutors. They had both previously received a Lorimer Excellence in Teaching Award, following nominations from medical students: Professor Van Asperen was awarded the special award in 2007 and Associate Professor Harvey received the award for surgical teaching in 2004.

Over the years Professor Peter Van Asperen and Associate Professor John Harvey have received a large number of nominations for Excellence in Teaching Awards from medical students. Two students wrote the following in support of their nominations:


Peter Van Asperen

‘Peter Van Asperen was the ideal PBL tutor - steered us in the right direction if we went off track and encouraged us to look up difficult concepts and bring the answers for our colleagues the following session, instead of him just giving us the answers every time.’


John Harvey

‘John Harvey was absolutely hilarious. Has a way of explaining things so that they really stick. I love how he actually explains the hows and whys, rather than just having us memorize things. He was really really busy and always made an effort to set plenty of time aside for us.’

We thank Professor Peter Van Asperen and Associate Professor John Harvey for their commitment and dedication to teaching medical students.