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2011 - Issue 5

Christmas message from the Associate Dean

Season's Greetings!


It has been a wonderful year for the CHW Clinical School – and I am so proud of the many achievements of our staff. There are over 200 members of the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health - and this year there have been so many outstanding achievements in Education and Research. Our Education Team provides teaching on site for over 350 medical students per year, 30 elective students, and 20-30 Honours students per annum.

The CHW Clinical School was acknowledged in 2009, 2010 and 2011 for Excellence in Teaching – this year both Anne Morris (academic staff) and Vikki Cheetham (general staff) received Faculty awards. Paediatrics is consistently regarded as one of the most enjoyable and well taught specialities of the current Sydney Medical Program. Thank you to all of our teachers who make the program so successful!

Our Postgraduate Team now administers 95 postgraduate students – this number has doubled over the past six years. This expanding community is the largest paediatric postgraduate research group in New South Wales. We have established a local postgraduate supervisor training program and have trained ~30 new accredited supervisors in the past 2-3 years. We have established a Professional Masters Program with ~40 students currently enrolled.

We support the Diploma of Child Health and the International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate with over 500 international students.

One of the most exciting developments over recent years has been the growth in our research productivity. In 2011, the University of Sydney was the top Australian University in terms of NHMRC success AND CHW Clinical School was the top performer in Sydney Medical School in terms of NHMRC income from Project Grants. Our academics also received two Centres of Research Excellence Grants (of only 18 awarded nationally). Very cool!

Have a wonderful break over the silly season – and I wish all of you a happy, enjoyable and successful New Year!

Prof Kathryn North
Associate Dean
Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School

CHW Clinical School news

Congratulations to Prof Kathryn North: Centre of Research Excellence in Neuromuscular Disorders

Congratulations to Professor Kathryn North, who will lead a new Centre of Research Excellence in Neuromuscular Disorders (CRE-NMD), funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council for $2.5 million.

Through the creation of CRE-NMD, Kathy says, “We now have a golden opportunity to transform our approach to these disorders from ‘compassionate assistance’ to targeted treatment and prevention, to ensure the latest discoveries are rapidly translated into tangible health outcomes for patients, their families and the community. Ten years ago it was only possible to diagnose accurately around 10% of patients. Today we are diagnosing over 60% and our rate of discovery is accelerating.”

The diagnosis, prevention and treatment of NMDs will benefit considerably from CRE-NMD, including the development of targeted therapies that may halt or reverse weakness in these previously untreatable disorders. The aim of the CRE-NMD is to translate ‘best evidence’ from clinical and laboratory-based research, including gene discovery, disease mechanism and therapy development, into ‘best clinical practice’ under two themes of diagnosis and prevention, and treatment.

The centre will take Australia’s existing research and clinical activities in this field to a new level, positioning Australia as an international leader in translational research in NMDs. The centre will enable the creation of a critical mass in all areas of basic and clinical research into disorders of muscle and nerve. It will foster international partnerships to ensure the sustainability of excellence in neuromuscular research and ultimately vastly improve health outcomes and quality of life for thousands of patients and their carers.

The CRE’s research and training involves three sites: The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (Institute for Neuroscience and Muscle Research, INMR), Western Australia Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) and the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne.

Russell Dale, Petre Foundation Chair in Paediatric Neurology

Congratulations to Associate Professor Russell Dale, incoming Petre Foundation Chair in Paediatric Neurology. Russell has worked at the Children's Hospital at Westmead (CHW) since 2006, after training as an academic paediatric neurologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. He co-heads the Neuroimmunology group with Fabienne Brilot and has an academic interest in paediatric movement disorders.

Russell is taking over from the inaugural recipient of the Petre Foundation Chair in Paediatric Neurology, Professor Robert Ouvrier. Robert has worked at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (Camperdown) and CHW for over 30 years, including over 20 years as head of the Paediatric Neurology department. He is an internationally recognised clinical academic, with particular expertise in neuropathy, disease of the nerves. He has published over 130 papers in peer reviewed journals and written multiple books and book chapters. He was president of the International Child Neurology Association between 2006 and 2010, and founder and head of the Institute for Neuroscience and Muscle Research at CHW.

The Petre Foundation Chair in Paediatric Neurology was established through a generous donation from Daniel Petre in 2000. Daniel and Carolyn Petre and members of the hospital attended a special event on 30 November to celebrate Robert’s achievements as he steps down from the position of Petre Foundation Chair. As part of this celebration, Russell was welcomed as the incoming Petre Foundation Chair. On receiving this position, Russell thanked the generous philanthropic donation of Daniel and Carolyn Petre, and thanked Professor Robert Ouvrier and Professor Kathryn North for their support and mentorship.


Russell Dale (L) with Daniel Petre & Robert Ouvrier

Sally Poulton awarded MD

Congratulations to Dr Sally Poulton, Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics & Child Health at Sydney Medical School Nepean, who was recently awarded an MD from the University of Cambridge. Sally's MD was awarded for her research into children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

When Sally started treating children with ADHD in 1996, she was aware of the caution regarding a possible adverse effect of stimulant medication on growth but had assumed this was clinically insignificant. However, when she started looking at growth charts of children she had treated, she was struck that the effect on growth was genuine and could be substantial. In particular she noticed the height velocity slowed simultaneously with the onset of weight loss, with growth rates for height and weight normalising after 2-3 years of continuous treatment.


Sally was inspired to investigate the effects of this in more depth so enrolled for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Cambridge University, where she had done her undergraduate studies. Her MD degree entitled ‘Prospective study of the growth, physical development and nutritional status of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder before and after starting treatment with stimulant medication’ was approved by the MD Committee in Cambridge in October 2011.

Sally's work and publications to date have already raised the profile of research into ADHD in Australia. She plans to further develop this interest, attracting students and colleagues to work with her at Sydney Medical School Nepean, building up research and clinical services for children with ADHD in Penrith.

Sally would like to thank the participating children and their families, Ralph Nanan, Louise Baur and many other supportive colleagues. She would also like to thank the Australian Women & Children’s Research Foundation (OZWAC) for funding her research.

The Lorimers 2011

Throughout 2011 medical and research students nominated teachers in the Child and Adolescent Health specialty block for excellence in teaching awards, known as ‘The Lorimers.’ These were presented at the final Grand Rounds for 2011 on Thursday 8 December. The awards are named after Sir Lorimer Dods, the Foundation Professor of Child Health at The University of Sydney.

The 2011 Lorimer award winners are listed below, together with a commendation for each award recipient:



Has Gunasekera - CRS
“Incredibly knowledgeable, challenged us to work things out for ourselves but saved us when we floundered, had a great way of explaining things and an infective passion for paeds.”


John Tan

John Tan – clinical teaching, CHW
“John was extremely enthusiastic and welcoming and kept me busy seeing interesting things. His enthusiasm was as infectious as chicken pox.”



Ralph Nanan – clinical teaching, network placement
“He has a knack for presenting complex information in the simplest way possible so it is truly easy to remember.”



Kimberly Aikins – surgical teaching
“She took charge of our timetable, organised where we should go and when to maximise our learning. More importantly, she went out of her way and her busy schedule to teach us.”



David Meldrum – rural teaching
“His enthusiasm for teaching was such that even after a long clinic at the end of a working day, he took time out to review common paediatric conditions with me to ensure I was prepared for my upcoming examinations.”



Dominic Sertori – nursing and allied health
“Dom is always friendly, approachable and helpful.”



Fenton O’Leary – structured teaching
“The Resus4Kids workshop was very informative and a worthwhile workshop. I think it should be compulsory rather than optional.”

Postgraduate supervision:


Jennifer & Kathryn North

Jennifer Byrne
Jennifer provided great pastoral care, empathy and kindness to the postgraduate research students, and was fantastic at giving practical advice. As Deputy Postgraduate Co-ordinator from 2005-2011 she always went above and beyond the call of duty.



Julie Leask
Julie strikes a fabulous balance between encouraging her postgraduate research students to extend themselves and take up a challenge, while never leaving them to feel that they face that challenge alone.



Dr Fenton O’Leary has received a grant of $1.3 Million for Phase 3 of the RESUS4KIDS project, which aims to roll out the program throughout NSW. RESUS4KIDS is an advanced paediatric life support course for healthcare rescuers suitable for all front line staff, including medical and nursing students, doctors, nurses and allied health (

The course uses elearning as pre-learning (, followed by a 90 minute face-to-face practical course. The face- to-face component has a 30 minute session on team work and communication using facilitated discussion. This is followed by 60 minutes of ‘pause and discuss’ scenario-based resuscitations, where each participant demonstrates each component of the resuscitation process.

The elearning component is available to all NSW Health employees and University of Sydney students via the Edmore portal. The short practical course is available to students studying at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and is gradually being implemented in all facilities that see sick children in NSW.

The funding will provide project officers and senior medical support to the project, as well as money for equipment and to further develop the elearning resource. Recent additions to the elearning resource include modules on the EZ-IO intraosseous access drill, the 4Hs and 4Ts, and the management of abnormal rhythms.

4th International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW)


The 4th International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW) was held in Toulouse, France, on 26 and 27 October. Chaired by Ella Scott, the conference covered a wide range of specialties in paediatric and perinatal simulation for a diverse audience, including crisis resource management, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, global child health, neonatology, technology and multimedia. Dr Marino Festa was an invited speaker and the work of KOAPSC and CHW was well represented with papers on:

  • The use of In-situ simulation to inform the design of a complex task based process for ECMO initiation (Extra corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) in the Paediatric intensive care Unit: G. Fleming, J. Barrington, M. Festa, M. Gill, Ha. Dando, K. O’Shaugnessy, J. Dittmer, N. Pigott
  • Moving a successful simulation centre based programme in tracheostomy care into the clinical arena: S. Trapani, J. Curotta, A. Elliot, T. Chand, E. Scott.
  • Paediatric Simulation in graduate nursing practice: current trends and the future, an international perspective: E. Scott, C. Haines
  • Design and Delivery of an innovative paediatric ECMO course: M. Festa, G. Fleming, K. O’Shaugnessy, M. Gill, H. Dando, J, Dittmer, N. Pigott, E. Scott
  • The participants’ perspectives on the value of a paediatric trauma simulation course, where to next? E. Scott, A. Holland, S. V. Soundappan, K. Wilson (runner up for best round table)
  • Development of a “Plug in and Play” mobile paediatric simulation cribette: P. Williams, J. McCauley, M. Brown, M. Festa (runner up for best poster)

The meeting was a great success in that it covered a state of the art longitudinal learning experience from overviews, delivery modes, problem-based learning, research and application of simulation in primary care, outreach settings and developing countries.

For information on the programme presentations and to join the IPSS visit:

Award to Ian Johnston

In retirement Emeritus Professor Ian Johnston (AM) continues to excel. Earlier this year he was awarded the News South Wales Premier’s Translation Prize for his work translating Classical Chinese and Greek. Prof Johnston was previously the Head of Neurosurgery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children at Camperdown.

Research news

NHMRC Funding Success

It has been an excellent year for The University of Sydney, winning more NHMRC funding than any other research institution in Australia. The University secured a total of $87.8 million for health and medical research. In the Project Grants scheme, the University was awarded 99 grants, amounting to $59.3 million. Sydney Medical School secured the major share of this funding, with 80 grants worth $49.8 million.

The Children's Hospital at Westmead earned the highest amount in Sydney Medical School, with $5.5 million in project grants. This is in addition to the 2.5 million awarded for the new Centre for Research Excellence in Neuromuscular Disorders to Prof Kathryn North. In such a competitive environment, this has been an outstanding outcome and reflects the commitment of staff to excellence in research.

Hoc Mai Maternal and Child Health

Hoc Mai Maternal and Child Health group has been awarded $242,000 over two years from AusAid through their Public Sector Linkage Program for ‘Educational initiatives to Improve Maternal, Neonatal and Childhood Health Outcomes in Dien Bien Province, Viet Nam.’ The project is a collaborative project between Hoc Mai Foundation, University of Sydney, Dien Bien Phu Provinical Hospital and the Viet Nam Women’s Union (VWU).

Dien Bien Province (DBP) is a remote mountainous province west of HaNoi, with Dien Bien Phu as its provincial town. It is home to 21 ethnic minority groups characterised by poverty, low literacy and poor access to health services. The Ministry of Health and the Provincial Hospital have identified the need for health workforce development in maternal, neonatal and child health.

The project aims to:

  • provide education and training to health professionals from DBP hospital and from district level health facilities in the management of pregnant, labouring and post-partum women, neonates and children under five years
  • build on and support the work of other agencies in primary health care projects
  • provide education and training to health providers to support them in strengthening local networks to develop health literacy in the community as a collaborative endeavour with the DBP Department of Public Health and VWU
  • raise awareness among health providers at all levels about how to assess and improve levels of nutrition in women of childbearing age, babies and young children by improving health literacy in the population
  • provide education and training to improve the diagnosis , management and prevention of respiratory illness and other common infections in children.
Hoc Mai

Liz with a young mother from the H’mong ethnic group

The project team includes Kirsty Foster, Prof Jonathan Morris, Prof Heather Jeffery, Prof Elizabeth Elliot, Cathy Adams, Dr Jane Hirst and Dr Monica Lahra. Anyone interested in the project should contact Liz Elliot at

Liz was recently featured in a Masters of Photography project titled Positively Remarkable Women.

Student news

Pre-internship at CHW

2011 marks ten years of Preinternship (PrInt) students from Sydney Medical School attending The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Clinical School. PrInt takes place in the final term of the academic year, from early October to early December. The aim of the PrInt term at CHW is for medical students to develop an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Junior Medical Officer in Paediatrics, to develop practical skills and to experience personal and professional issues that arise in hospital practice.

Evaluations of the PrInt term are gathered from students at the end of every year and are consistently excellent. Here are some of the comments from the current 16 students who completed their PrInt term on 2 December:

  • Gastroenterology - “The Gastro team are amazing! Especially the Professor! So welcoming, inclusive, keen to teach and involve students in every facet of medicine. I feel like I learnt a lot academically and clinically.”
  • Respiratory – “I had a great team, friendly team members and hospital staff. Good teaching, with involved clinical staff.”
  • Surgery Team C - “The team has been very supportive, good teaching, lots of experience doing intern work as well as being allowed to do clinical things”
  • Infectious Diseases/team 4 - “Great teaching, great staff, lots of responsibility and great overall experience” & “Excellent! Lots of learning and responsibility.”
  • Surgery Team B - “Dr Shun is inspirational – teaching award!! Special mention to the nurses on surgical ward – they have made my stay very enjoyable and I thank them for being so supportive and welcoming – excellent nurses!!”
  • Orthopaedics - “I had a fantastic experience with the orthopaedics team, the team was fantastic. I was encouraged to ask questions and seek out learning opportunities and they took time to explain complicated patients.”
  • Neurology - “Highly recommend it! It exceeded my expectations. Lots of responsibility, more respect of your role. They take it seriously at CHW compared to other hospitals. You get to learn a lot!”
  • ED/Gen Med - “Great working environment and exposure to paediatric medicine that you will not get in other hospitals. You still get adequate exposure to learning about jobs and responsibilities of an intern.”
  • Neurosurgery/Plastics - “Andrew Chow in Neurosurgery and Jack Zoumaras from Plastics are especially great! Both went out of their way to sit down and give teaching sessions.”

The PrInt term is perceived as invaluable by students, many of whom have returned to CHW as trainee residents, registrars and fellows. Particular thanks to all supervisors and their teams, Vikki Cheetham, Dr David Lester-Smith and Dr Hasantha Gunasekera.

Prof Elizabeth Elliot, Print Coordinator

14 Research higher degrees awarded in 2011

At the May 2011 Graduation Ceremony, Doctor of Philosophy was conferred on: Genevieve Dwyer, Roksana Armani, Samantha Tang, Margaret Perry and Charmaine Tam.

A further nine research higher degree students have been awarded their research degrees this year. These will be conferred at the Graduation ceremony on 16 December 2011 at 11.30am. They are:

  • Ahmad Alodaib, MPhil, Development and evaluation of tandem mass spectrometric techniques for investigation of inborn errors of metabolism. Supervisors: Dr Kevin Carpenter, Prof John Christodoulou, Prof Bridget Wilcken
  • Simon Grew, MMed, Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy of neuronal type with onset in early childhood
    Supervisors: Prof Robert Ouvrier, Dr Monique Ryan
  • Eddy Hassan, PhD, Phenotype and Function of Murine Neonatal DC after Herpes Simplex Virus Infection Supervisors: Prof Cheryl Jones, Dr Marian Fernandez
  • James Marceau, MScM, Comparison of the analgesic properties of a sucrose solution between infants of substance abusing mothers and healthy controls
    Supervisors: Prof Ralph Nanan, Dr Henry Murray
  • Paul Robinson, PhD, Complex lung function in paediatric respiratory disease. Supervisors: Dr Hiran Selvadurai, Prof Peter Van Asperen, Dr Greg King, Dr Per Gustafsson
  • Vanessa Shrewsbury, PhD, Management of overweight and obesity in adolescents and the role of parents to be conferred ‘in absentia’ and will be invited to the May 2012 ceremony.
    Supervisors: Prof Louise Baur, Prof Katharine Steinbeck, Dr Siranda Torvaldsen
  • Leigh Waddell, PhD, To apply evidence based practice to optimise the laboratory diagnosis of muscular dystrophies
    Supervisors: Dr Nigel Clarke, Prof Kathryn North, Dr Sandra Cooper
  • Karen Walker, PhD, Neurodevelopmental outcomes following major cardiac intervention in infants less than ninety days of age
    Supervisors: A/Prof Nadia Badawi, Dr Robert Halliday
  • Conferred in November 2011 ‘in absentia’:
    Franz Puttur, PhD, Defining the role of innate immunity in neonatal viral defense mechanism
    Supervisors: Prof Cheryl Jones, Dr Marian Fernandez, Prof Anthony Cunningham

Congratulations to the students and their supervisory teams!

Sydney Medical School’s Summer Research Scholarships

Sydney Medical School’s Summer Research Scholarships offer the brightest and most promising students a unique insight into the research process. They also give students the opportunity to test their interest in research. The scholarships, jointly funded by Sydney Medical School and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Clinical School, are valued at $2,400 each. The Clinical School has been awarded scholarships for 14 students and a further 3 will be fully funded by supervisors.

The summer research scholarship students carry out research on their project on a full time basis for eight weeks, finishing by 24 February 2012. The students then submit a written report and give an oral presentation on their project at the Kids Research Institute. The winner will compete for the Dean’s Prize presentations in March 2012, where an award of $1000 is presented to the student with the best oral presentation for their Summer Research Scholarship Project. More details about the presentations will be available to the students and supervisors in January.

Grants, Achievements, Promotions and Titles

Promotions appointments & titles

New titles

Dr Peter Houweling – Honorary Research Fellow (INMR)
Dr Karen Walker – Clinical Senior Lecturer (Grace Centre for Newborn Care)
Dr Anthony Zehetner – Clinical Lecturer (General Medicine)
Dr David Andresen – Clinical Senior Lecturer (Microbiology/Bacteriology)
Dr Jonathan Payne - Clinical Senior Lecturer (INMR)
Dr John Sinn – Clinical Associate Professor (Neonatology)
Dr Michael Edel – Senior Research Fellow (Genetics)
Dr Leigh Waddell – Research Fellow (INMR)
Dr Stephen Farrell – Clinical Senior Lecturer (Surgery)


2012 NHMRC Grant Announcements

Project Grants

  • Chief Investigators: Prof David Little, Prof Justin Cooper-White, A/Prof Andrew Ruys, Dr Aaron Schindeler
    Project Title: Pre-clinical validation of a novel implant for bone tissue engineering
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Kathryn North, Prof Nigel Laing, A/Prof Kristen Nowak, Dr Nigel Clarke, Dr Michael Buckley
    Project Title: Neuromuscular disorders: Gene discovery and disease mechanism
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Elizabeth Elliott, A/Prof Jane Latimer, Prof Caroline Bower, Dr James Fitzpatrick, Dr Alexandra Martiniuk
    Project Title: The Lililwan Project: Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the Fitzroy Valley
  • Chief Investigators: A/Prof Rachel Skinner, Dr Spring Cooper, A/Prof Kirsten McCaffery, Prof Gregory Zimet, Kevin McGeehan, Patricia Whyte, Dr David Regan
    Project Title: Randomised Controlled Evaluation of a Complex Intervention to Promote Uptake of School-based HPV Vaccination
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Cheryl Jones, A/Prof Stephen Alexander
    Project Title: Defining the contribution of skin gamma delta T cells to cutaneous immunosurveillance, immunity and disease after HSV infection.
  • Chief Investigators: Prof John Christodoulou, Dr Sandra Cooper
    Project Title: Gene Discovery and Functional Studies to Reveal Mechanisms Underlying Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Disorders.
  • Chief Investigators: A/Prof Stephen Alexander, Dr Karen Dwyer, Dr Yuan Min Wang
    Project Title: Role of Purines in renal and transplant injury
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Ian Alexander, Prof Patrick Tam, Prof George Yeoh, Prof David Russell
    Project Title: Cellular therapy for genetic liver disease exploiting induced pluripotent stem cells and liver progenitor cells
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Ian Alexander, Prof Shoba Ranganathan, Prof Marina Cavazzana-Calvo
    Project Title: Analysis and manipulation of the genome-wide integration signatures of gamma-retroviral and lentiviral vectors in human haematopoietic stem cells
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Nigel Laing, Prof Kathryn North, Dr Nigel Clarke
    Project Title: Approaches to therapy for the skeletal muscle actin diseases.

Centre of Research Excellence

  • Chief Investigators: Prof Kathryn North, Prof Nigel Laing, A/Prof Andrew Kornberg, A/Prof Joshua Burns, Dr Monique Ryan, Dr Nigel Clarke, Prof Alastair Corbett, Prof Kathryn Refshauge, Dr Michael Buckley, Prof Catriona McLean
    Project Title: Centre for Research Excellence in neuromuscular disorders
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Raina MacIntyre, Prof Peter McIntyre, Prof Robert Booy, Dr Julie-Anne Leask, Dr Nicholas Wood, Prof Cheryl Jones, Dr Robert Menzies, Prof John Kaldor, A/Prof Philippe Beutels Dominic Dwyer
    Project Title: Immunisation in understudied and special risk populations

Partnership Project: Prof Jonathan Craig
Project Title: SEARCH: better evidence, better health for urban Aboriginal children

Career Development Fellowship: Dr Nigel Clarke
Project Title: Advancing the diagnosis and treatment of inherited muscle disorders

Practitioner Fellowship: Prof Elizabeth Elliott

2012 ARC Grant Announcements
Discovery Projects
Chief Investigator: Prof Kathryn North
Project Title: Molecular dissection of the functional regions of genes that encode actinins (ACTN2 and ACTN3) and their contribution to normal variation in skeletal muscle function

NSW Ministry of Health Funding
List of all investigators Fenton O’Leary
Project Title: RESUS4KIDS – Paediatric Life support for Health Care Rescuers
Total Amount: 1.3M AUD


Upcoming conferences and meetings


49th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PEDICON): Gurgaon, India - 18-22/01/2012 More information

Disabled Children Nutrition Symposium: Saudi Arabia - 6-7/02/2012
further information

The 3rd Australian Conference on Children and the Media: Melbourne - 9/03/2012
Book online or phone +61 8 8376 2111

16th Congress of Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS): Nepal - 22-24/03/2012 More information

Hunter Paediatric Society Conference: Central Australia - 9-14/04/2012. For more information or call +61 2 4973 6573.

6th Annual Update in Paediatric Emergencies: Noosa, Queensland: 14-16/4/2012 For program and registration details please or visit

The Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) 36th Annual Scientific Meeting: Canberra - 22-25/07/2012. For further information, please .

26th International Conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH): Nazareth, Israel - 15-18/08/2012
Abstracts should be submitted before 1 March 2012. For more information, contact , Secretary of ESPMH


14th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatrics: Malaysia - 8-12/09/2012
Further information, please visit the website

6th Asian Congress of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ACPID): Sri Lanka - 24-27/10/2012More information

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