International Paediatric Sister Program (IPSP)

The vision of the Sister Program is to identify and promote an exchange program that offers opportunities for medical students, medical graduates (at the junior and senior levels of training) and young researchers (PhD students and postdoctoral scientists) to access education, training and research opportunities as well as identifying and establishing joint research programs - with the shared goal of enhancing the international focus of each institution and most importantly improving child health on a global scale.

It is a partnership between:

The partners have in common a strong demonstrated commitment to education, training and research, a commitment to the highest quality healthcare, attracting and retaining the highest quality healthcare professionals and a willingness to share resources, experience and expertise to achieve these goals. The research collaborations developed by the partners is extensive and it is growing. Research to date has arisen from natural synergies around areas of research interest and expertise of the members - Neurofibromatosis, Neuromuscular Disorders and Brain Tumour research. The goal of the partnership is to broaden existing research collaborations and incorporate new intiatives such as Oncology, Genetics and Rheumatology.

What opportunities are available?

Education, perhaps more that any other discipline or area of professional activity, is global in its nature, scope and impact. Our Sister Program offers unique advantages that give you a substantial edge.

The partners have identified potential exchange opportunties for:

  • Paediatric residents (3 to 12 month rotations)
  • 3rd and 4th year medical students
  • Postgraduate opportunities for PhD students to undertake study at any of the partner institutions

Fellowships / Scholarships

The General Sir John Monash Awards
Annually, a minimum of 10 postgraduate Scholarships may be awarded to outstanding Australian citizens graduating from Australian Universities to enable them to undertake postgraduate study abroad at the world's best Universities, appropriate to their field of study.

Australia to US Fellowship Applications
The American Australian Association awards individual Fellowships for advanced study in the United States of up to US$40,000 each year. The Fellowships build on existing strong social and economic partnerships and foster intellectual exchange between the United States and Australia. Fellowships are named Sir Keith Murdoch Fellows after the Association's principal Founder.

US to Australia Fellowship Applications
The American Australian Association Education awards individual Fellowships of up to US$30000-US$40,000 each year. The Association encourages intellectual interchange and the Fellowships are intended to build on the strong social and economic partnership between Australia and the United States.