Professor Kate Steinbeck

Paediatrics & Child Health, Children's Hospital, Westmead
Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders

C29 - Children's Hospital Westmead
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9845 2446
F: +61 2 9845 2517

Biographical details

Kate Steinbeck is an endocrinologist and adolescent physician and is the inaugural Medical Foundation Chair in Adolescent Medicine, a position she commenced in February 2010. She is a graduate of the University of Sydney (University Medal) and completed her PhD in the Department of Endocrinology. Prior to her current appointment she was a Senior Staff Specialist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Head of the Youth Consultancy Service in the Sydney South West Area Health Service. Her University roles include chief investigator for the Sydney Medical School's Adolescent Rural Cohort study (visiting Professor to the School of Rural Health) and membership of the Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders. Community roles include membership of the Chronic Illness Committee for the American Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine, Associate Editor International Journal of Paediatric Obesity and adult representative on the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Joint Adolescent Health Committee. She sits on the Executive of the Transition in Chronic Illness Network for the NSW Health Agency of Clinical Innovation and is a board member of the NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health.

Research interests

Research Interests: There are 3 broad areas of research interest

1)Puberty hormones and their effects on adolescent health, behaviour and wellbeing. This program includes the development and use of minimally invasive laboratory measures of puberty hormones. 2)Chronic illness in adolescents and youth including transition to adult care, the late effects of cancer therapy and adolescent obesity, insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk factors, 3)Out of home and disadvantaged youth, funded primarily by the Marie Bashir Research Fellowships in Adolescent Health program. There are two Marie Bashir Fellowships which are supported by NSW Health. These are primarily open to graduates from Medicine, Nursing, and Psychology, although graduates from other disciplines will be considered if they have the necessary qualifications. Generally one of these fellowships will be at a post-doctoral level and one at PhD level. Application details will be posted: for further information contact the Academic Department of Adolescent Medicine (+612 9845 2507)

Current national competitive grants*


Adolescent Rural Cohort Study Hormones, Health, Education, Environments and Relationships
Steinbeck K, Hawke C, Hazell P, Skinner R, Ivers R, Booy R, Cumming R, Fulcher G
National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant ($975,652 over 4 years)

* Grants administered through the University of Sydney

International links

United Kingdom. (Leeds University School of Medicine) Professor Andrew Hill; Academic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Leeds University School of Medicine, UK (long standing obesity collaboration).


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