Associate Professor Yvonne Zurynski

Assistant Director
Paediatrics & Child Health, Children's Hospital, Westmead
Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit

Assistant Director Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit Senior Lecturer Dept of paediatrics and Child Health
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9845 1202
F: +61 2 9845 3082
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Current national competitive grants*


Psychosocial and economic impacts of rare diseases on Australian children, families and health professionals
Zurynski Y, Elliott E, Leonard H, Christodoulou J
ARC Linkage Project ($316,781 over 2 years)

* Grants administered through the University of Sydney

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Afghanistan. (International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units (INoPSU)) Co-Chair of INoPSU 2010 - current Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit is a founding member of INoPSU and currently coordinates INoPSU in partnership with the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program.


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