Explanations of associated staff "appointment types"

Conjoint appointments: Conjoint appointees are employees of the relevant hospital/Area Health Service and their conditions of employment are those of the hospital/Area Health Service.

Clinical Academic titles: Clinical Academic Titles may be conferred by the University primarily on salaried staff and visiting staff of teaching hospitals, or other clinical facilities who meet teaching needs, on a regular basis, which the University may not otherwise satisfy.

Adjunct titles: Adjunct titles may be conferred on persons in business or in the professions or in appropriate external bodies who will make a substantial and regular contribution, normally on a continuing basis, to the teaching and/or research/scholarship/creative work of the University, and, who may facilitate partnerships between the University and business or the professions. Holders of such titles are not necessarily required to have an academic background.

Research titles: Research titles may be conferred on research personnel who are not employees of the University but who are members of staff of associated research units.