Welcome from Associate Dean Professor Robert Lusby

The teaching of Medicine to students by current practitioners is a tradition that goes back to antiquity and uniquely is integrated into the very essence of medical life. We welcome our students into the "Concord family" for they are very much part of our life. Indeed the Hippocratic Oath reflected this close bond between student and teacher, the first part stating "to consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art".

A key piece of the fabric of a teaching hospital is its educational endeavors. The open and receptive nature of a well educated mind is kept up to date and refreshed by the presence of students at all levels. Our programme is built on the self-directed learning model which seeks to instill into our young the attributes that will carry them through a career where knowledge is rapidly expanding.

Over the four years of our Sydney University Medical course we take great pleasure in guiding our students through the varying challenges, the ups and downs of a very comprehensive programme. We hope that as a result of their training our students will become professionals of the highest standards and in the words of the oath "will enjoy life and practice the art, respected by all men and in all times".