Welcome from Associate Dean Professor Fiona Blyth

Learning is a lifelong task in the professional lives of medical practitioners. For medical students, learning in clinical environments from skilled clinical teachers and (most importantly) their patients is a fundamental and transformative part of the Sydney Medical Program. Concord Clinical School provides a key link between the academic endeavours of the Sydney Medical Program and the NSW health system, where students learn about the daily practice of healthcare by the many health professionals who work in a busy teaching hospital environment.

Over the course of the four year program, our students become an important part of a vibrant professional community that has a strong ethos of collaborative partnerships, innovation, excellence in medical education, practice and research, and enduring commitment to training the next generation of doctors in patient-centred care.

We welcome you here, and look forward to partnering with you over four years to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us.