Cardiometabolic Simulation Clinic


This simulation clinic is a joint venture between Sydney Medical School – Concord, Concord Centre for Mental Health, Diabetes Australia and the Rural School of Health – Orange & Dubbo Campuses.

HWA Simulation Project Promotional Video

This Simulation program looks at those patients with psychosis and their cardiac & metabolic risk factors, which are usually high and not currently managed well in the existing health system.

The Cardiometabolic Simulation Clinic is multidisciplinary, with participation to date of nine disciplines, covers both metropolitan & rural students as well as students from various universities, other than Sydney University.

This Simulation Clinic is also video conferenced to the Rural Areas, as well as recorded and reviewed for debriefing and research purposes.

This purpose built room has been designed to enable high quality video’s to be developed for educational purposes, with a curved ‘green screen’ in place.

The flexibility of this design means that patient discussions can also be held and viewed by students for learning purposes. E.g., breaking bad news, dealing with death, psychiatric interviews.