Simulation Centre

Learning within a simulated environment has been shown to improve patient care communication and teamwork within the healthcare field. Health Workforce Australia (HWA) assisted with funding to our Simulation Facility.

The goals of the centre are: (1) to expand the existing health professional pre-vocational and postgraduate training capacity
in Simulated Learning Environments at Sydney University & Concord Repatriation General Hospital; and (2) to increase the training capacity of its partners through an investment towards a Simulation Facility.

The facilities of the centre are:

  • Cardiac / Trauma Room
  • Clinical & Behavioral Medical Simulation
  • Procedural Skills Lab designed as wards
  • Mobile Simulation
  • Surgical Skills Training Lab
  • Live Streaming to multiple locations
  • Recording ability for debriefing & research purposes
  • Green studio for professional video production

Funded by Health Workforce Australia