Cardiac/Trauma Simulation Room

Trauma Simulation Room

This room has a SimMan 3G Manikin, which is currently one of the most advanced manikins available. This manikin is controlled via Wi-Fi to an instructor’s computer, where he can replicate various patient conditions and symptoms. The room is fully fitted out with gas supply to allow for ventilation & anaesthetic machines, along with a cardiac monitor. The room design is spacious with the bed in the centre of the room and the gas supplies & power suspended from the ceiling on a pendant, to allow full flexibility of the space. For example, we can set it up as an operating theatre, an intensive care bed, or a trauma room.
This room can also be viewed from the adjoining Surgical Skills Lab, or via one the many AV screens in the teaching rooms. The video can also be saved and reviewed for teaching & research purposes.

This room is used for team training and patient scenarios, where all aspects of patient care are observed. E.g. clinical skills, examination skills, procedural skills, communication, documentation and teamwork.

This simulation room is a joint venture between Sydney Medical School- Concord and Concord Hospital. It will service students and staff across many disciplines, as well as supporting ongoing training of Simulation Staff across NSW through AusSETT Training.