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Chlamydial genomics: insights into a recalcitrant pathogen

Garry Myers

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Garry Myers, PhD
Associate Professor
ithree Institute, University of Technology Sydney

Date: 23rd July 2014
Time: 11am
Venue: Westmead Millennium Institute, Lvl 2 Conference Room C2.20
Registration: It's a free event, please email to attend

Chlamydiae are obligate intracellular bacterial pathogens that cause a range of mammalian diseases, including the most common human sexually transmitted infections and trachoma (infectious blindness). Human disease arises by adverse host inflammatory reactions that induce tissue damage & scarring. Despite the global morbidity caused by chlamydial infections, relatively little is known about disease mechanisms. Chlamydia are genetically intractable as replication outside of the host cell is not yet possible and there are no practical tools for routine genetic manipulation, making genome-scale approaches critical to the understanding of this major human and veterinary pathogen.

Critical Infection Colloquium 18th-21st November 2014

colloquium flyer

Colloquium flyer

The new law school, University of Sydney, Darlington, NSW

The colloquium is run in conjunction with the annual short course which includes the sepsis day (18th-19th). The course is aimed at practicing intensivists and those who manage critically ill patients.

Focus areas will include septic shock and opportunistic infections in the critically ill (19th), the epidemiology and evolution of antibiotic resistant populations (20th), and the ecology and genetics of antibiotic resistance (21st), with an eye on current cutting edge diagnostic technologies.

Faculty leaders in infectious diseases, microbiology and intensive care provide a first-principles understanding of the major infections (bacterial, viral and fungal) involved in critical illness in the ICU and immunocompromised patients, with a focus on the practical management of severe infections.

Confirmed speakers

  • Neil Woodford, United Kingdom
  • Dilip Mathai, India
  • Stephen Baker, Vietnam
  • Eddie Holmes, Ian Paulsen, Sydney
  • John Turnidge, Adelaide


Registrations will become available shortly
Short Course Full Fee (18th-19th) $550
Short Course Trainee (18th-19th) $350
Sepsis Day (19th) $180
Antibiotic Resistance Day (20th) $180
Microbiome Day (21st) $180
Early Career Researcher Limited places available (19th-21st) $110 per day
All prices include GST, a 10% discount is offered when you register for more than one day.

Please email to register your interest and receive updates on speakers and registration.











PowerPoint slides available from the Symposium on Laboratory Diagnosis & Surveillance of Drug-Resistant Infections


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