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Antibiotic Awearness Week

antibiotic week

16-22 November 2015


Antibiotic Awareness Week will take place from 16–22 November and is endorsed by the World Health Organization, acknowledging the global importance of this growing public health issue.

The theme for the week is “Antibiotics: handle with care”. All health services and hospitals are encouraged to take part in Antibiotic Awareness Week, to help raise awareness of the problem of antibiotic resistance and ways to address this issue.

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Bacteria on ancient flea trapped in amber may be ancestor of Black Death

flea perserved in amber

Researchers believe the bacteria, described in the Journal of Medical Entomology, was an ancient strain of Yersinia pestis, which caused the bubonic plague, aka the Black Death. More than a third of Europe's population, at least 30 million people, succumbed to the scourge in the 14th century.
Droplets of the bacteria were found on the flea's proboscis (sucking mouthpart) and in the rectum of the flea.
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Microbiology Australia Vol. 36 No. 3

The official journal of the Australian Society for Microbiology Inc. is available online now. Get the full report from ASM Canberra 2015, read Vertical Transmission by ASM President, Jon Iredell and don't miss the interesting article by Lyn Gilbert and Peter Collignon, Out of Africa: response to Ebola in the developed world; lessons for the future.
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Poo transplants can eliminate two superbugs from the gut: mice study

White mouse

Photo: Rick Eh/flickr

Two of the most common antibiotic-resistant bacteria circulating in hospitals can be wiped out by transplanting faeces from a healthy animal into the gut of an infected one, a study on mice has found. The study, published today in the journal PLOS Pathogens examined two antibiotic resistant bugs: vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE) and multi-drug resistant Klebsiella pneumonia.
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Informatics Core Facility


The Informatics Core Facility provides bioinformatics services, and from 2016 will provide additional software and services to support researchers working in a broad range of informatics disciplines across the university’s campuses.
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National Science Week

Australia's annual celebration of science, 15th-23rd August 2015
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National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy 2015-2019

The Australian Government has released the first National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy to guide the response to the threat of antibiotic misuse and resistance. The strategy was developed in partnership with industry and government, and will guide action by governments, health professionals, veterinarians, farmers and communities to reduce the emergence of resistant bacteria.
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