Course costs, fee payment and refunds

Costs for domestic students

Research course fees

The Research Training Scheme (RTS) covers tuition fees for domestic research students for the following lengths of time:

  • Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Public Health: 8 full-time or 16 part-time semesters
  • Masters by research: 4 full-time or 8 part-time semesters

In effect, this means that as long as domestic students complete their research degrees within the specified periods, they are not required to pay tuition fees. domestic students are not required to apply for an RTS fee exemption since it is automatically awarded to students enrolling in postgraduate research courses. If students take longer than the specified period to complete their degree, they may be liable to pay tuition fees. For more advice contact us.

Please note that RTS does not cover subscriptions to student unions or associations.

Coursework course fees

All postgraduate coursework courses are fee-paying courses, the only exceptions being the Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion and the Indigenous Health (Substance Use) program which are HECS-HELP liable courses. Fees are payable before each semester and relate to the cost of the units of study in which you are enrolling for that semester.

Fees are currently an allowable tax deduction in some circumstances. Please check your eligibility with the Australian Taxation Office and inquire about related expenses which may also be tax deductible. Your employer may have a scheme for encouraging further study and be willing to pay your fees.