Scholarships and Prizes

Dean's Scholarship Fund

The Dean’s Scholarship Fund (DSF) was established in 2007 and has since paid more than $150,000 in financial assistance to students. It is open to all students of Sydney Medical School.

Scholarships from the DSF can be awarded:

  • to support students experiencing financial hardship
  • to support students presenting their research at scientific or medical conferences
  • to assist students who wish to participate in elective terms placements in rural Australia or internationally
  • to assist Indigenous students studying medicine or public health
  • to assist non-Indigenous students who wish to gain experience in Indigenous health and require financial assistance to do so
  • to recognise academic excellence
  • or at the discretion of the Dean

In general, the number and amount of elective term and financial assistance scholarships available for a year are determined early in the academic year, and advertised as soon as possible on the School’s website.

For information about other scholarships, contact