Master of Philosophy in conjunction with Sydney Medical Program

In the light of the introduction of the MD degree, with its requirement for students to undertake a significant research activity, the Faculty has decided to suspend the awarding of concurrent MD/MPhil scholarships after the current round.

This decision has been taken because the time commitments required to complete the MD research project are currently conjectural. Hence the Faculty does not believe that it is appropriate to encourage its MD students to undertake academic activities in addition to their MD studies.

A student may not enrol in more than one award course at any level except with the permission of the faculty (or faculties) concerned or as part of an approved combined degree or double degree program. This includes courses offered by other institutions. Students wishing to enrol in another award course concurrently with the MD must seek permission from the Deputy Dean (Education), currently Professor David Cook, and requests will be considered on a case by case basis.