Master of Philosophy in conjunction with Sydney Medical Program

Sydney Medical School (SMS) recognises the importance of research in medical careers and strives to facilitate formal research training in the form of higher degrees by research (HDR), i.e. Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or PhD, for interested students in the Sydney Medical Program (SMP). SMS recognises that there are many opportunities for research training during a career path, including undertaking HDR concurrently with the SMP (SMP + HDR).

However, this option is not appropriate for all students. Those interested in concurrent enrolment in the SMP and HDR are required to discuss their aspirations with both the Sub-Dean (MD Research), currently Associate Professor Rebekah Jenkin, and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research), currently Professor Jillian Kril, or their nominees, before submitting an application for concurrent enrolment in HDR and the SMP.
For further details, please refer to the local provision on undertaking a HDR Concurrently with the Sydney Medical Program