Annual Progress Report

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The annual progress report (APR) is a tool used by the University to review the progress of research students and their projects and to ensure that any problems being faced can be resolved as soon as possible. The report is designed for all involved with the candidature, ie the student, supervisor, postgraduate coordinator and Chair of the Board of Postgraduate Studies to consider the progress and resolve, where possible, any issues raised.

Students in Sydney Medical School, the Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy and Sydney Nursing School now have access to an online APR which will streamline the process and reduce the paperwork for all involved.

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Annual progress report flow chart


At the beginning of September each year (or end of April for Nursing students) all current research students (including those suspending semester 2 of that year (or semester 1 for Nursing students)) will be sent an email with login details to give access to the APR portal. Students are required to complete sections 1-3, covering details of their candidature, progress and any problems faced.

The APR should not be the first point at which a supervisor and student discover there is a problem and identification of difficulties on the form will not in itself make them go away. However, the APR is the place to put on record any difficulties which may or may not have been unavoidable including, for example periods of personal illness or misadventure.

Once this component is submitted, the supervisor is emailed with login details to allow them to complete the next section of the APR and comment on the candidate’s progress.

At the same time Disciplines and Schools will be contacting all students to arrange an interview. Please note it is compulsory for research students to be interviewed annually. Notes from the interview will be added by the Discipline / School to the APR system for review.

On the basis of the comments of the student, supervisor and the outcome of the interview, the postgraduate coordinator recommends to the Chair of the Board of Postgraduate Studies the conditions of candidature to apply for the following year and may require the candidate to provide further evidence of progress at the end of one semester or such other period as the postgraduate co-ordinator considers appropriate.

The student will then be notified by email to review the comments and recommendations made and to complete Section 7 before it is forwarded to the Chair of the Board of Postgraduate Studies. Section 7 must be completed and submitted by the student by the 1st of November each year.

The Chair of the Board of Postgraduate Studies will make a decision on the continuation of candidature based on the evidence provided or may require the candidate, supervisor or postgraduate coordinator to provide further evidence of progress or the provision of satisfactory facilities. Student Services will inform students of the decision made by the Chair.