Special consideration - Sydney Medical Program

You only apply for special consideration for reasons of illness or misadventure that are unforeseen.

Short leave of absence is applied for when your absence if foreseen (e.g. you need to attend a conference, go to a funeral, have an operation etc). It must be applied for prior to taking the absence.
Download the short leave of absence form

To apply for special consideration, download the form (PDF)

Please read all the information on this form regarding special consideration before filling out the form.

Please lodge the completed form at the OME reception (i.e Room 132, Level 1, Edward Ford Building).
Stage 3 students must have the form signed by their Clinical School Associate Dean prior to lodgement.

Please note that your special consideration form will NOT be accepted unless you have had the Professional Practitioner Certificate filled out by a registered medical practitioner or counsellor. If it is inappropriate for a registered medical practitioner or counsellor to complete the Professional Practitioner Certificate due to the nature of your special consideration, then you will be required to submit a Statutory Declaration form (PDF). This form must be completed and witnessed by an appropriate person (details are on the form).

Special Consideration is generally granted where a student has been disadvantaged by unforeseen circumstances such as misadventure or on-going, serious illness. It does not provide an avenue for students to be granted extra marks, or to be awarded "satisfactory" in subjects where they have not met the competency standards. However, it does allow the Examination Committee to provide extra time or remediation for students who have been disadvantaged in this way, so they may prepare for supplementary assessments, or where the circumstances have been very severe, allow the student to repeat the Stage without academic penalty.

An Examination Committee may only determine either:

  1. that the student must undertake a specified remedial program (similar in duration to a remedial program specified for a student who has failed to meet the requirements for progression in the same stage) and that, if successful with supplementary assessment, the student has met the requirements for progression, or
  2. that the student must repeat the stage but without academic penalty (as though it were their first enrolment in the stage).

For more information, please see the Medicine Handbook.