Assessment, special arrangements and special consideration

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Assessment for students with disabilities

The general policy on assessment covers, among other things, arrangements for students with disabilities, and explains how students with disabilities can access these arrangements.

Relevant policy:
Assessment and Examination of Coursework (PDF) - Academic Board Policy

Special arrangements

Special arrangements can be made for students who are unable to meet assessment requirements because of religious commitments, compulsory legal absences, sporting, cultural, political and union commitments if representing the University, state or nation, child birth or adoption and Australian Defence force or emergency service commitments.

If you have commitments which will affect your studies in the first instance please speak to your sub-dean for MBBS students or course coordinator for postgraduate students as soon as possible. The school has discretion to make alternative arrangements at other times but these are not defined as Special Arrangements. Special Arrangements may include arranging alternative dates for examinations and the submission of assessments or giving students alternative assessment tasks. In all case the student will be notified.

Relevant Academic Board policies:
Assessment policy 2011 (PDF)
Assessment procedures 2011

Special consideration

Special consideration can be requested by coursework students who have had a serious illness or misadventure. In general Special Consideration cannot be sought for an occasional brief or trivial illness, workloads from other study, employment, planned commitments which could reasonably be rescheduled, computer-related problems, Jury Service, Military Service, National Sporting and religious or cultural commitments. If you have experienced any of these problems please see the information on Special Arrangements above.

Students who request Special Consideration must complete an application. The Application will need to include a Professional Practitioner Certificate completed by a registered medical practitioner or counsellor, where possible, or documentation to support your account of the misadventure, such as a police report.

Further details for MBBS students

Policies relevant to postgraduate students and special consideration

University policies:

Combined Board of Postgraduate Studies policies:

  • Late Enrolments in Units of Study Policy (.DOC)
  • Applications must be received within one week from the assignment due date, the date of an examination or the end date of the unit of study for which consideration is sought. Late applications may be considered, at the discretion of the Medical Program, where the relevant illness or misadventure prohibited the submission of the application by the due date.

    Once your request has been considered you will be notified in writing of the outcome.

    Relevant policy:
    Assessment and Examination of Coursework (PDF) - Academic Board Policy