Diabetes Ambulatory Care Centre
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Sydney - Australia
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Research at the Diabetes Centre
Diabetic Foot Disease



About the Diabetes Centre

The Diabetes Ambulatory Care Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney provides a variety of ambulatory services, based on a team approach, for the person with diabetes.

In most cases, the care provided is within a shared care' arrangement between the referring doctor, the person with diabetes and the Centre.

The increasing emphasis on ambulatory care means that almost all of the diabetes services at Royal Prince Alfred are conducted at the Centre. The Centre is also committed to ongoing diabetes research and training of health professionals.

The Centre is staffed by medical, nursing, and allied health staff who come from various ethnic backgrounds. They also have significant experience in other areas such as science, public health and computer technology.

The Centre provides over 11,000 patient services each year. Due to our geographical location we see people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds . While the majority of people seen at the Diabetes Centre live within the Central Syndey Area Health Service, approximately 35% of people seen each year travel from all around the state to attend our services.

If you wish to contact the Diabetes Centre please bird_mailbox.gif - 16634 Bytesfeel free to email us