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Research at the Diabetes Centre
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Training Opportunities at the Diabetes Centre

The RPAH Diabetes Centre has a strong commitment to the education of health professionals in diabetes health care delivery and research. In recent years our Diabetes Centre has attracted a large number of health professionals for training from around the globe. We are a multidisciplinary team providing a spectrum of clinical services in an ambulatory care setting. In addition to conventional clinical services the Centre offers specialised services including the following:

Services Provided

  • Complications and Metabolic Assessment
  • Ambulatory Stabilisation
  • Diabetes Foot Clinic
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy Service
  • Dietetic Service
  • Patient Education
  • Research
  • Clinical Trials
  • Telemedicine for the Monitoring of Foot Disease
  • Type 1 Service

Some hospital services such as review of inpatients are also provided by our team. However, patients reviewed at the Centre are not seen in a traditional diabetic clinic environment. Rather a system of integrated clinical and education services are provided by a multidisciplinary team. Underpinning these services is a strong shared care programme with General Practitioners.

Courses Available

The Centre offers 2 different levels of training. The intensity of training is dependent upon previous experience and individual need.

  • A 3 day `Overview of Diabetes Care’ Course for those with some involvement in diabetes care such as practice nurses and community nurse
  • Course Length

    Fee (AUD)

    3 Day Overview of Diabetes Care

    $1000.00 (+10% GST)

  • Individualised Training Program for medical officers and diabetes health professionals working fulltime in diabetes.This Program is particularly suited to candiates from overseas. For more information please contact Marg McGill

  • Course Length

    Fee (AUD)

    1 weeks

    $800.00 (+10% GST)

    2 weeks

    $1,500 (+10% GST)

    1 month

    $2,500 (+10% GST)

    2 month

    $3,750 (+10% GST)

    3 month

    $5,000 (+10% GST)

    6 month

    $8,500 (+10% GST)

    12 month

    $15,000 (+10% GST)

    The overall aim of each course is to enable the health professional to develop their skills and expertise in diabetes care thus enabling them to better care for people with diabetes in their own setting.

    • To develop theoretical knowledge of the pathophysiology and management of diabetes.
    • To develop practical teaching, counseling and clinical skills.
    • To promote interest and skills in research including principles of data collection and statistical analysis.

    Teaching Method

    Theoretical training will be integrated with practical`hands onÂ’ experience. Theoretical training will be presented by lectures, tutorials and workshops. Practical experience will include observation of and participation in direct patient care and education, clinical placements. A special feature of our training is that the participant will be fully involved in the daily clinical activities of the Centre, working with an experienced member of our team.

    Generic Core Content

    The following areas will be covered in all courses:

    • Diagnosis of diabetes, classification signs and symptoms
    • Treatment of diabetes, different types of insulin therapy and oral hypoglycaemic agents and their use in the management of people with diabetes
    • Initiation of insulin therapy and ambulatory stabilisation
    • Principles of dietary management
    • Home emergencies, 'sick daysÂ’ and hypoglycemia
    • Managing diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar non ketotic coma
    • Perioperative Care, management of the patient undergoing surgery and investigative tests
    • Assessment and management of chronic complications
    • Macrovascular risk factor management
    • High Risk Foot Assessment and Management
    • Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy
    • Principles of diabetes education
    • The role of the Diabetes Educator
    • Observation of and participation in diabetes education sessions(individual and group)
    • Insulin Pump Theraphy and other technologies

    Programme Availability and Fees

    Please see Table for Program dates and fees. Cost of travel, accommodation, meals and other out of pocket expenses will be incurred by the student.

    Visa requirements

    Those who require a visa to enter Australia should be warned that the process of obtaining a visa may take many months in some countries. Please apply early to avoid disappointment. Further information about visa requirements is available at the University of Sydney. For doctors registered overseas please send your CV with initial enquiry.

    Please also note that formal paperwork required by either the University of Sydney or Royal Prince Alfred Hospital may take servral months to complete


    Overseas students will require health and travel insurance.


    Accommodation is available at a variety of prices nearby the hospital. The hospital does not offer accommodation.

    All Correspondence To

    Assoc Prof Marg McGill AM

    Diabetes Centre
    Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
    Level 6 West Wing
    Missenden Road
    Camperdown. N.S.W 2050
    Sydney - Australia
    Phone: 61 2 9515 5888
    Fax: 612 9515 5820
    Email: Marg McGill