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University Student Placements

Whether your placement has been arranged directly by your Education Provider or is an elective placement, you are required to head to our NEW BHUDRH Website@ to submit an online application and for further information on placement opportunities with the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health.

Please contact the Student Coordinator on 08 8080 1200 or email if you have specific inquiries about dates, availability or are having trouble accessing the link.

Compliance Documentation

All students participating in clinical placements within a NSW Health Facility must ensure that they have completed all of the following mandatory documentation prior to placement. Please refer to the HETI website, verification processes for Students. If you are from a NSW Education Provider chances are you have already completed the requirements and are not required to resubmit anything.

Further information on what is required will be provided to you upon acceptance of your placement application.

Alternatively, click here to Complete the online application Form

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Cross-Cultural Education

Maximum: 20 participants

Cross-Cultural Education Program is available between February and December every year. For enquiries phone: 08 8080 1200.

The online Aboriginal Cultural Education Module is a compulsory requirement of all students undertaking placement in Far West NSW.

Prior to attending the Cross-Cultural Education Program, participants are requested to complete the online Aboriginal Cultural Education Module at: You are required to register to access the content. Please print off a copy of the completion certificate and bring it with you to the education session. If you are having trouble accessing the site, please contact the site provider directly on 08 9956 0200.