Health Career Academy Program Manual Launch

The Health Career Academy Program Manual was officially launched at the BHUDRH on the 9th of December 2015.

The Health Career Academy Program (HCAP) manual has been written as a guide for health and education providers. This manual provides information to support health career attainment for school students through the delivery of health career programs within their local community or region. The HCAP may be tailored for secondary school students, people engaged in alternative education pathways, primary school children, or students of any age. It may also be adapted in response to local need and capacity or for use in other industries.

Health Career Academy Program

About the Health Career Academy Program

The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BH UDRH) is committed to supporting our regional schools in developing the capacity of their students in building career aspirations and attainment with a specific focus on supporting Indigenous students, families and communities. The impact of career attainment on health and wellbeing is acknowledged as a key social determinant.


To provide a comprehensive, informative and educational career pathway for rural secondary school students into professional health careers through collaboration with local and regional education providers, health entities and industries.

To provide exposure to a variety of health careers enabling adolescents to make informed decisions about their career aspirations and choices.

Health Career Academies

1. Nursing Academy Program - NAP

2. Medicine Academy Program - MAP

3. Allied Health Academy Program - AHAP
(Inclusive of Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Pharmacy, Medical Imaging, Exercise Physiology, Aboriginal Primary Health Care and many more...)

4. Social and Emotional Well Being Academy Program - SEWBAP
(Inclusive of Mental Health Nursing, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Social Work and Psychology)


The Health Career Academy Program (HCAP) has been delivered since 2007. The program has expanded to include exposure to all disciplines as identified above. Geographical coverage of the program now extends from Broken Hill, Menindee, Wilcannia, Coomealla, Bourke and Wellington. Over 100 adolescents attend the HCAP annually with a 25% Indigenous participation rate.

The community is starting to see an increase in the number of participants returning on an annual basis to participate in the HCAP and there are increases in the number of adolescents entering health career pathways through TAFE (TVET, EEN) & SBATS and/or undergraduate coursework.

Participant and partner feedback remains positive with high levels of satisfaction being identified.

Partner Schools

Broken Hill High School

Willyama High School
willyama High

Menindee Central School

Wilcannia Central School

Coomealla High School

Bourke High School

Wellington High School

Saint Mary's Catholic School, Wellington
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