Allied Health in Outback Communities

Spin A Yarn (SAY) Program

Spin A Yarn (SAY) program is a Speech Pathology Undergraduate Program.

Access to Speech Pathology services has been a key issue for our primary schools within Broken Hill and the region. The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BHUDRH) in collaboration with the regions primary schools, the University of Sydney and the Remote Cluster and the previously known Greater Western Area Health Service (GWAHS) had introduced the Spin A Yarn (SAY) Program. In 2009 the SAY program was developed to provide urban based Speech Pathology students with a rural and remote learning opportunity within our primary school settings. However, due to the overwhelming success of the program it was expanded to offer a broad range of services from various disciplines e.g. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Orthoptics and Exercise Physiology. The SAY program is now known as the Allied Health in Outback Schools Program (K-6) and continues to address the unmet health needs of children within the region.

Allied Health in Outback Schools Program

The Allied Health in Outback Schools Program hosts health science student cohorts and provides a rewarding placement experience that seeks to impact on their place of practice post graduation, and also promotes rural and remote practice to those who participate.

Participating School partners;

Broken Hill North Public School

Burke Ward Public School

Broken Hill Public School

Morgan Street Public School

Railway Town Public School

Alma Public School

Sacred Heart Primary School

Menindee Central School

Wilcannia Central School

Saint Therese's Community School

Allied Health in Aged Care facilities

The Allied Health in Aged Care facilities.


For more information regarding the Allied Health in Outback Communities Programs, please contact Claire Brunero - Speech Pathologist Academic, Ph: (08) 80801297