Increasing Community Access


The MHA is a Board member of Lifeline, Broken Hill (LLBH). In 2014, this role is supporting LLBH, as it explores avenues to extend services in face to face counselling, service access and education & training related to suicide prevention and associated issues.

Mental Health Promotion

Working in partnership with other health & welfare organisations, the UDRH has been a driving force in staging events to promote mental health literacy and decrease stigma.

In 2011 and 2012 movies were shown at the Silver City Cinema during Mental Health Month. Evaluation activities demonstrated the benefits of these movies in shifting attitudes towards individuals experiencing mental illness and challenging the myths associated with mental; illness.

In 2013 a series of Comedy Concerts featuring Kevin Kropinyeri, an Aboriginal comedian, were staged in local communities. Again a community partnership approach facilitated non-threatening ways to disseminate messages of community connectedness, resilience building strategies and pathways to care in association with a positive community event promoting both physical and social & emotional wellbeing.