Increasing Community Access


The Mental Health Academic was on the steering committee of the GWAHS Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Project (MHEC RAP) from its inception until December 2008. MHEC RAP aims to increase access to specialist mental health services via videoconferencing links, while decreasing the need for travel over long distances.

A formative evaluation of this project is being undertaken by the BH UDRH Research Centre

A brief synopsis about the project is available online here.

Broken Hill Transition Support Service

Broken Hill Mental health & Drug & Alcohol services has incorporated a new model of care into its community service provision.

The transition support service increases the ability of the team to respond to people needing acute treatment services as well as those who need short term intensive follow up after contacting the health service.

Preliminary evaluations from other service providers indicate increased satisfaction with the accessibility of this service.

A presentation was given by Elizabeth Martin & Vanessa Smith at the 13th Rural Mental Health Conference in Pokolbin on 27th November 2008 “Heard It On The Grapevine -Communication and continuity of care”. This presentation considered those things that helped and hindered the implementation of the service.

The mental health academic is assisting the transition support service by help accessing relevant evidenced based practice models for both the ongoing implementation and evaluation of the service.

Mental Health Nursing in Primary Care

The mental health academic works with the Outback Womens’ and Family Practice to deliver clinical mental health services two sessions per week. This is funded under the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program.