Healthy Connexions

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Training for Schools
Provide training and assess competence for NSW teachers to meet annual requirements for workplace safety and dealing with emergency anaphylaxis and asthma. Staff, volunteers and parents are provided trainig and demonstration on safe handling, administration, storage and disposal of adrenaline and asthma devices by pharmacy students under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. Sessions are hands-on and interactive and provide those involved with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the techniques involved in administration using placebo devices and ask questions in a comfortable and supported setting.

Diabetes (Self Care) Health Promotion
Students have the opportunity to complete training and assessment in the proper handling of point-of-care testing machines and modules on communication and health promotion. Once deemed competent, students plan the delivery of a community health promotion activity, which provides the opportunity for students to put their knowledge into practice as well as serving as a valuable health literacy and screening service for the community.