Mental Health Academic Program

The BH UDRH receives funding under the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) National Action Plan on Mental Health to employ a mental health academic.

The position involves academic work, teaching and management of students undergoing clinical placements.

Specifically the academic position will work towards:

  • increasing community access to mental health services
  • equipping other health professionals with skills to recognise mental health problems
  • engaging with local communities to increase awareness about mental health issues in regional and remote Australia
  • assisting to create clinical training capacity in nursing and other mental health disciplines
  • increasing direct service delivery mental health services in local communities by exploring novel or innovative approaches to service provision and/or working with GWAHS mental health facilities.

The academic position is also encouraged to increase direct service delivery of mental health services within the local community.

The current mental health academic is Elizabeth Martin. Elizabeth is a credentialed Mental Health Nurse who has recently completed the Master of Nursing Science (Nurse Practitioner) degree with the University of South Australia.