Building Professional Skills

Videoconferencing Opportunities

Geographical isolation of rural and remote communities decreases access to ongoing education and training that is accessible in urban areas. By sourcing and linking to lectures and forums, opportunities are opened for rural clinicians and other members of the mental health workforce to improve clinical knowledge and skills and become part of larger learning communities.

Commencing in 2008, links have been made to the Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service bi-monthly mental health nurse speaker symposiums and to the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Branch Forums. These sessions are evaluated to enable insights into the formation and building of innovative learning communities.

Coordinating Access to Education and Training

Although many organisations offer relevant training it is not easy to source and sometimes workers discover an appropriate study opportunity too late.

A meeting held in February 2009 has identified the need to have a learning and development calendar available for the Broken Hill and region mental health and AOD workforce. To download or print the calendar, click on link below.

January - March 2009
April - June 2009
Schall Seminar Flyer
July - September 2009
October - December 2009

To add events please contact or phone 08 80801200. All enquiries about individual events should be made to the contact numbers given on the flyers.

A concurrent strategy decided at this meeting was the need for a workforce learning needs analysis to be undertaken. In this way a coordinated approach can be taken to identifying and sourcing opportunities for learning. The needs analysis is currently in draft form and has been forwarded to relevant parties for comment prior to distribution.

Family and Carer NSW Mental Health Program

The Mental Health Academic is working with the Family and Carer NSW Mental Health Program to design an educational/training package that will be delivered to health workers.

The goal of the training package is to improve the delivery of mental health services and information given to Carers of people that suffer from a mental illness.

The major mode of learning in the package will be based on the Carers’ lived experience and will describe the lasting impact these situations have had on them as a Carer, in the hope that by modifying health worker practice others won’t experience the same difficulties.

The lived experience will be supported by evidence-based theory and practical learning exercises. A variety of resources will be used to aid in the learning. The package is based on the Person Centred Care program delivered at the BH UDRH in collaboration with Consumers of local Mental Health services.

Carers NSW National Counselling Program