TREC - Taking Rural Kids Education into Community

Taking rural kids education into community

Shared Governance Agreement: Department of Education and Community Western Region NSW and the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health, University of Sydney.

To support children in Year 5-6 to maintain educational engagement or achieve re-engagement through exposure to broad aspirational approaches and role models.

To engage families in partnership activities and child educational outcomes.

Enhance children and family perceptions of the role of educational attainment and improved life outcomes.


Stage 1: A Life in a Day

This activity transitions the participants from Primary to High School, to University and a Work Place Experience in the health arena. This included hands on activities in woodwork, cooking and clinical skills as well as career discussions. Pre and Post data shows positive experiences for participants.

Stage 2: Strong Role Model Engagement

Activity centres around connecting and conducting interviews with strong role models from across a broader range of careers, positions and organisations within Broken Hill.

Stage 3: Feel Good Workshop and Celebration

Activity is based upon three components;
i) to keep a lifestyle balance
ii) to reflect, listen and learn
iii) to celebrate achievements with family and friends.

The TREC Program was piloted in 2010 at the request of local Principals expressing concerns relating to outcomes from the Quality of School Life Survey that showed Year 5–6 female students were disengaging from the school community.

The TREC Program continues in primary schools and is now inclusive of the Yr.6 Male students as well.

Group of TREC participants