Research Capacity Building

Research Capacity Building

The BH UDRH provides research training and support in health research for local practitioners, health science & allied health students on clinical placement.

The BHUDRH support:

1. The BH UDRH PhD Program

2. Research Capacity Building Programs in partnership with the Far West LHD and with the Health Education Training Institute (HETI) NSW.

The key objectives of these partnerships are to:

  • Increase the pool of rural health researchers by up-skilling early career researchers, and supporting the advancement of their research careers
  • Support early career researchers to undertake more high quality health care research and ensure its relevance to policy and practice by aligning it with identified needs and priorities
  • Disseminate and facilitate the uptake of evidence in policy and practice

3. Educational activities such as research seminars and workshops, along with support and mentoring- for novice health researchers and students on placement in western NSW.