About the Discipline


The Discipline of Emergency Medicine (DEM) was established by Prof. Bruce Robinson, Dean of the Sydney Medical School in April 2008. Through the DEM, the Sydney Medical School aims to educate and train medical students in the practice of emergency medicine, a fundamental aspect of medicine. The discipline has developed a Core Curriculum in Emergency Medicine that will give the student the necessary tools to undertake safe supervised clinical practice in an emergency department. In addition the student is given a foundation upon which they can build during their early years of clinical practice.

The inaugural head of the DEM is Prof. Gary Browne, a practising Paediatric Emergency Physician at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. The Discipline of Emergency Medicine is very fortunate to be composed of dedicated Emergency Physicians who represent all clinical schools and hospitals within the Sydney Medical School network. These same Emergency Physicians have all made significant contributions to the development and teaching of the core curriculum in Emergency Medicine to students in their respective Emergency Departments. It is through their commitment and enthusiasm toward teaching, and their passion to advance the specialty of Emergency Medicine through research and other academic pursuits that the Discipline of Emergency Medicine continues to go from strength to strength within the Sydney Medical School.