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Save Sight Institute

Save Sight Institute is a centre of the University of Sydney located on the campus of Sydney Eye Hospital. The Institute is active in three major areas: research, patient care and teaching.

Established in 1985 under the leadership of Emeritus Professor Frank Billson, with seed funding from the Lions Clubs of NSW, the Institute was initially located in the teaching unit of the Crown Street Women’s Hospital.

In 1997 the Save Sight Institute moved to the south block of Sydney Eye Hospital (which had previously housed hospital wards) and fundraising was undertaken to refurbish the area, commission laboratories and establish clinical areas.

In 2008 Professor Peter McCluskey was appointed Director, and in 2010 the Institute became a formal research centre of the University of Sydney.

Save Sight Institute employs over 100 people across a range of research, clinic and teaching roles, and cares for more than 6,000 patients with eye disorders.


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