Oculoplastics and Eye Trauma

Oculoplastics and Eye Trauma



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The topic of the 2005 Registrars' and Save Sight Institute Conference is Oculoplastics and Eye Trauma. We are pleased to welcome Mr Geoffrey Rose, from the United Kingdom, as our Claffy Memorial lecturer.

Geoffrey Rose is a consultant in oculoplastic surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital. In addition to sharing the oculoplastic service with Richard Collin, he provides the orbital service previously the responsibility of John Wright. He has a particular interest in paediatric lacrimal surgery.

There will be participation by a panel of local specialists and we are delighted that Alan McNab and Tim Sullivan have accepted our invitation as interstate guest lecturers.



08.00 Registration for OSCE
08.30 Trial OSCE
10.30 Morning Tea
11.00 Trial OSCE
12.00 Discussion
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Clinical Case Symposium Chairman: Geoffrey Rose
Convener: Vidushi Sharma
15.30 Afternoon Tea
16.00 Continue Cases
17.00 Close
Welcome BBQ

08.00 Registration
08.30 Welcome and Introduction Frank Billson
International guest speaker & chairman, Geoffrey Rose
08.35 Setting the scene: Introduction to oculoplastic surgery - what registrars need to know to satisfy the consultants and examiners Geoff Rose
09.05 Surgical Eyelid Anatomy Peter Kim
09.15 Disorders of lashes Derek Chan
09.25 Congenital eyelid abnormalities Brian Chua
09.35 Benign lid tumours Rohan Merani
09.45 Discussion
09.55 Malignant lid tumours Anne Lee
10.05 Ptosis (adult) Harry Leung
10.15 Ectropion Colin Clement
10.25 Entropion Elvis Ojaimi
10.35 Panel Discussion
10.45 Morning Tea
11.15 Surgical Anatomy of the orbit Michael Jones
11.25 Exophthalmos (Examination + ddx) Ee Munn Chia
11.35 Enophthalmos (Examination + ddx) Vivek Chowdhury
11.45 Panel Discussion
11.55 Clinical Evaluation of Orbital disease and When to Refer Geoff Rose (45 min)
12.40 Sponsor Talk 1 (AMO)
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Anatomy and physiology of the lacrimal system Gregory Moloney
14.10 Evaluation of the watery eye in an adult Claire Hooper
14.20 Preseptal Cellulitis Robyn Troutbeck
14.30 Panel Discussion
14.50 Assessment and management of blunt ocular trauma Matthew Ball
15.00 Assessment and management of chemical injuries Nagi Assaad
15.10 Lid and canalicular injury Alessandra Martins
15.20 Discussion
15.30 Sponsor Talk 2 (Designs for Vision)
15.35 Afternoon Tea
16.05 Interactive Oculoplastics quiz Geoff Rose
16.45 Presentation of prize: Best Registrar Presentation
16.50 End of Sessions

08.00 Registration
08.30 Congenital Ptosis Tim Sullivan
08.50 Adult Ptosis Jenny Danks
09.10 Eyelid tumours Alan McNab
09.30 Principles of oculoplastic reconstruction after Mohs repair Tony Maloof
09.50 Panel Discussion
10.10 Morning Tea
10.40 Claffy Lecture: The Lacrimal Paradox - what is "success" in lacrimal surgery Geoff Rose
11.25 Evaluation and Management of watery eye in children Brett O'Donnell
11.45 Management of canalicular obstruction Alan McNab
12.05 Lid malposition and epiphora Tim Sullivan
12.25 Craniosynostosis & Vision Loss Frank Billson
12.45 Discussion
12.55 Sponsor Talk 3 (BML)
13.00 Lunch and Trade Display
14.00 Orbital cellulitis in children and adults Geoff Rose (40min)
14.40 Orbital tumours throughout the decades of life Tim Sullivan
15.00 Orbital vascular lesions Alan McNab
15.20 Panel Discussion
15.30 Sponsor Talk 4 (Phizer)
15.35 Afternoon Tea
16.00 Orbital inflammatory disease Geoff Rose (50min)
16.50 Discussion
17.00 End of Sessions
Alcon Registrars' Club Dinner
08.00 Registration
08.25 Introduction: Interfaces - Physicians and Ophthalmologists
08.30 The Eye and Sleep Alan McNab (30min)
09.00 A physician's approach to thyroid eye disease Bruce Robinson (30 min)
09.30 Evaluation and Management of Thyroid Eye Disease Geoff Rose (30min)
10.00 Panel Discussion: Controversies in Management
10.15 Morning Tea
10.45 Corneal trauma Fred Wechsler
11.00 Glaucoma and trauma Ralph Higgins
11.20 The lens in eye trauma Suresh Pandey
11.40 Assessment and management of intraocular foreign body Andrew Chang
12.00 Vitreoretinal injury in eye trauma Andrew Chang
12.20 Oculoplastic Emergencies Alan McNab
12.40 Sponsor Talk 5 (Alcon)
12.45 Lunch
13.50 Imaging in orbital and ocular trauma Derek Glenn
14.10 Orbital fractures Simon Taylor
14.30 Intraorbital foreign bodies Geoff Rose
14.50 Eyelid and lacrimal trauma Tim Sullivan
15.10 Discussion
15.30 Afternoon Tea
16.00 Assessment and management of eye trauma in children Geoff Wilcsek
16.20 Evisceration and Enucleation Vidushi Sharma
16.40 Orbital implants: 3 lessons learnt over a decade Geoff Rose (20 min)
17.00 Panel Discussion
17.20 End of Session
08.00 Registration
08.30 Oculoplastic workshop Raf Ghabrial, Jenny Danks, Ross Benger, Simon Taylor
Microsurgical workshop Intraocular lens implant unit
Morning Tea and Lunch are provided Tuesday-Friday