2006 Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Programme

Paediatric Ophthalmology 2006




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The topic of the 2006 Registrars' and Save Sight Institute Conference is Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Apart from our international guest speakers and interstate guests, the meeting will have a strong local contribution from paediatricians and paediatric ophthalmologists.

The 2006 Registrars' and Save Sight Institute conference will provide a practical approach to the key management issues of common paediatric problems in cataract, glaucoma and strabismus, together with syndromic and genetic disorders.

8.30 Registration for OSCE (OPD)
9.00 Trial OSCE
11.30 Morning Tea
11.45 Discussion
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Clinical Case Symposium Billson, Lloyd, Fredrick
3.30 Afternoon Tea
4.00 Continue Clinical Symposium
5.00 Welcome BBQ with entertainment
8.00 Registration (Claffy Lecture Theatre)
8.30 Welcome and Introduction Billson
8.40 Setting the scene: 10 reasons why you should take a fellowship in Paediatric Ophthalmology Fredrick

Strabismus Management Symposium

9.00 Substrate of Normal Binocular Vision: its chronology and development in relation to Strabismus & Amblyopia; What the clinician needs to know Billson
9.20 Strabismus in the decades of life Jones
9.30 Does my child have a squint? Or, I’ve got double vision! Eye examination in children and adults Taylor
10.00 Morning Tea
10.30 Anatomy and actions of the extraocular muscles Fung
10.40 Tests used in the evaluation of strabismus and stereopsis Ali
10.50 Functional consequences of strabismus in children and adults: amblyopia, confusion and diplopia Martins
11.00 Refraction in infancy and childhood: Accommodative Strabismus & the role of glasses in management of strabismus Donaldson
11.10 Optimal management of amblyopia and what’s the evidence? Cheung
11.20 Childhood esotropias and exotropias Fredrick
12.00 Discussion
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Vertical strabismus in childhood (including pattern strabismus) Chua
2.10 Dissociated vertical deviation Frazer-Bell
2.20 Principles and prejudices in the surgical management of paediatric strabismus Billson
2.30 Vertical diplopia in adults: three common causes Sharma
2.40 Discussion
3.10 Afternoon Tea
3.40 Craniofacial anomalies S. Taylor
3.50 Strabismus in craniofacial abnormalities Tan
4.00 Panel Discussion and case problems
5.00 Close
8.00 Registration (Claffy Lecture Theatre)

Cornea and External Eye disease in children -
Symposium in honour of Dr Kathy McClellan

8.30 Developmental anomalies of the cornea and the genes that cause them Taylor
8.50 Metabolic disease and the eye Lloyd
9.20 Atopic Eye disease (Claffy Lecture) McClellan
9.40 The role of corneal refractive surgery in the paediatric patient Sutton
10.00 Herpes eye disease in childhood Petsoglou
10.20 Presentation to Dr Kathy McClellan
10.30 Morning Tea
11.00 Corneal case presentations and panel discussion. Chaired by Dr Kathy McClellan
1.00 Close
8.00 Registration (Claffy Lecture Theatre)
8.30 "Does my child see, doctor?" The epidemiology, clinical, electrophysiological and radiological investigation Taylor
9.00 Refractive errors associated with eye disease and blindness (excluding strabismus) in paediatric ophthalmology Kerdraon
9.15 CVI - The forgotten blinder Fredrick

The Premature Baby and Its Vision

9.45 The world's blind children and how the past informs the present in developing countries Billson
10.00 ROP in developing countries: the Vietnam perspective Fredrick
10.15 Morning Tea
10.45 A snapshot current Mx of ROP in the RPA NICU: changing guidelines for laser intervention Padmini
10.55 "ROP: where are we now and what does the future hold?" Now - Early intervention; when is too early? Are we treating too many babies? Future - Will growth modulators affect treatment course? Fredrick
11.35 Discussion
- Registrar training in the eyes of the newborn, the infant and the child
- Management in the nursery and beyond - when should it end? Chaired by Professor David Taylor

12.55 Sponsor
1.00 Lunch

Congenital cataracts and syndromes

2.00 Genetics of congenital cataract and the anterior segment Jamieson
2.20 Congenital cataracts - surgery and treatment options (Claffy Lecture) Lloyd
2.55 Controversial aspects of IOLs in infancy and unilateral cataracts. Chaired by Professor Frank Billson
3.15 Sponsor
3.20 Afternoon Tea

Environmental Childhood injury and management - Non-accidental:

3.50 Retinal haemorrhages in infants: differential Dx & controversies Lloyd
4.00 Child abuse and the eye Fredrick
4.20 Discussion of Ophthalmologists' ethical responsibility to the community and to the legal system Taylor, Fredrick, Lloyd
5.00 Close
8.00 Registration (Claffy Lecture Theatre)


8.30 The congenital cranial dysinnervation syndromes: Moebius, Duane’s, CFEOM and other eye position and movement syndromes Taylor
9.00 The abnormal pupil in childhood Merani
9.10 Optic nerve hypoplasia: The development of the optic nerve and the genes that control it: clinical aspects (Claffy Lecture) Taylor
9.40 Functional loss of vision in childhood Troutbeck
9.50 Advances in electrophysiological evaluation Grigg
10.00 Retinal diseases - when do I call the neurologist? Taylor
10.30 Morning Tea
11.00 The phakomatoses Grigg
11.15 Hypothalamic chiasmal glioma Billson
11.25 Genotypes and phenotypes illustrated with posterior segment anomalies Jamieson
11.40 Retinoblastoma - Management; Today and tomorrow Conway
12.00 Discussion of the morning & What’s wrong with that disc? An assortment of disc problems: an interactive discussion Taylor
12.55 Sponsor
1.00 Lunch

Congenital Glaucoma and Syndromes

2.00 Congenital glaucoma - Initial management Lloyd
2.30 Management of secondary glaucoma Grigg
2.55 Sponsor
3.00 Afternoon Tea

Environmental Childhood injury and management - Accidental:

3.30 Ptosis and its clinical associations in childhood: Primary? Or is it due to trauma? Danks
3.40 Traumatic lid, lacrimal & orbital disorders in childhood S. Taylor
3.50 Discussion of ocular trauma in childhood including secondary complications of glaucoma and sympathetic ophthalmia with case presentations. Chaired by Professor David Taylor
5.00 Close
8.30 Registration (Save Sight Institute)
9.00 - Use of the operating microscope
- Microsurgical and suturing workshop

10.45 Morning Tea
11.15 - Use of the operating microscope
- Microsurgical and suturing workshop
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Use of Ophthalmic Instruments
3.00 Tour of Sydney Eye Hospital