2015 Uveitis Registrars Conference
Sydney Eye Hospital, Claffy Lecture Theatre, Centre Block, Level 2

Conference Program - This program is subject to change

Introduction to Uveitis
0830 Registration
0845–0900 Introduction and Welcome Professor Peter McCluskey
0900–0945 Approach to uveitis: Classification / History / Examination / Investigations Professor Sue Lightman
0945–1005 Treatment goals: Treat cause / suppress inflammation / prevent & treat complications Dr Richard Stawell
1005–1030 Case Presentation and panel: Behcet's disease Fellow – Aaron Yeung
1030–1100 Morning Tea
Anterior uveitis
1100–1105 Introduction  
1105–1120 HLA B27 – Ocular manifestations Professor Peter McCluskey
1120–1140 HLA B27 – Systemic disease Professor Denis Wakefield
1140–1200 Viral anterior uveitis – (HSV / VZV / CMV) Professor Stephan Thurau
1200–1215 Case presentation: Fuch's Heterochromic Iridocyclitis Dr Michael Rossiter-Thornton
1215–1230 Case presentation: TINU Dr Lianne Lim
1230–1330 Lunch
Parallel Sessions
1330–1700 (i) Sydney Eye Hospital OSCE
Location: Sydney Eye Hospital OPD

(ii) Ophthalmic Pathology - TBA
Location: Claffy lecture theatre

(iii)Wetlab session - Oculoplastic and corneal suturing techniques
Location: Sight Foundation Lab, Centre Block, Level 2

Intermediate and posterior uveitis
0830 Registration
0845–0905 Panuveitis and acute vision loss Associate Professor Tony Hall
0905–0925 Intermediate uveitis Dr Richard Stawell
0925–0945 Retinitis, choroiditis and retinal vasculitis Associate Professor Tony Hall
0945–1005 Herpetic retinitis: diagnosis and treatment Dr Lyndell Lim
1005–1030 Case presentation and panel discussion Dr Alex Hamilton
1030–1100 Morning Tea
Infective uveitis and neoplasia
1100–1115 Introduction  
1115–1145 CLAFFY Lecture – TB & the eye Professor Sue Lightman
1145–1200 Syphilitic uveitis Dr Richard Stawell
1200–1215 Toxoplasmosis Professor Justine Smith
1215–1230 Lymphoma Associate Professor Alex Hunyor
1230–1250 Case Presentation and panel discussion: Neuroretinitis / Bartonella  
1250–1350 Lunch
1350–1410 Immunosuppression: How to use regional & systemic steroids Professor Sue Lightman
1410-1430 Immunosuppression: what steroid sparing drug Professor Denis Wakefield
Biologics and new advances
Professor Justine Smith
1500–1515 Case presentation and panel discussion: VKH Dr Louise Robinson
1515–1545 Afternoon tea
1545–1600 Sarcoidosis Dr Lyndell Lim
1600–1620 Masquerade Syndromes – Autoimmune retinopathy Professor Justine Smith
1620–1640 White dot syndromes Dr Clare Hooper
1640–1700 Case presentation and panel discussion: AZOOR Dr Hemal Mehta
1900 Conference Dinner
Surgery in a Uveitic Patient
0830–0845 Registration and Opening Remarks
0845–0900 The uveitic cataract in adults Professor Peter McCluskey
0900–0910 Uveitic cataract surgery in children Associate Professor John Grigg
0910–0930 Endophthalmitis Professor Sue Lightman
0930–0955 Case presentation and panel discussion:
Globe rupture and sympathetic ophthalmia
Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj
0955-1015 Case presentation and panel discussion:
Chronic endophthalmitis
Dr Khoi Tran
1015-1045 Professionalism and Ophthalmology
A Consultants and Registrars Perspective, with discussion
Dr Alex Hunyor & Dr Vivek Pandeya
1045–1110 Morning tea
Uveitis in kids
1110–1115 Introduction  
1115–1145 An overview of Paediatric Uveitis Professor Sue Lightman
1145–1150 Introduction  
Glaucoma surgery in uveitic patients
Associate Professor John Grigg
1220–1235 Case presentation and panel discussion:
Immunosuppression in a child
Dr Tani Brown
1235–1335 Lunch
Beat The RACE!
1335–1530 "Past uveitis questions in RACE and how I would answer them" and "What you need to know about Uveitis for the RACE" Dr Jed Lusthaus, Dr Armand Borovik, Dr Chris Stewart
1530–1600 Discussion and close
AM - OSCE Westmead Hospital
0900–1200 OSCE
1200–1300 Lunch + feedback
Faculty only Session
1330–1400 Innate & Adaptive Immunity in the Eye Professor Gerhild Wildner
1400–1530 Interactive case presentations & discussion
(bring your best case for 2014; we will have time for 6-9 cases)
Moderator: P McCluskey
1335–1530 "Past uveitis questions in RACE and how I would answer them" and "What you need to know about Uveitis for the RACE"
1830 Drinks & dinner for the faculty at the McCluskey’s