Claffy Lecturers

Francis Claffy

Francis (Frank) Claffy graduated from the University of Sydney in 1933 before interning at the Sydney Eye Hospital, setting him on a career path dedicated to ophthalmology and eye health.

During World War II, Frank was commissioned as Major, serving in Malaya with the 22nd Brigade AIF. While a prisoner of war, Frank proved his professionalism, compassion and resilience, with fellow prisoners reporting his work to be “legendary” for the the long hours he worked “examining and recording the ocular lesions resulting from avitaminosis and general malnutrition”. Frank spent his internment treating and recording the effects of nutritional diseases on the eye, which he published after his release.

Frank’s commitment to the establishing the Hospital as a teaching centre was pivotal and was the first Director of the Department of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health at the University of Sydney.

On his death in 1979, Frank left a considerable bequest to both the Society of St Vincent de Paul and the Department of Eye Health Research at the University of Sydney.

Citation: Mellor, Lise (2008) Claffy, Francis Patrick. Faculty of Medicine Online Museum and Archive, University of Sydney.


Dr David Squirrell
University fo Auckland
Diabetic Retinopathy in 2017


Associate Professor Matt Thurtell
University of Iowa
Nystagmus and saccadic intrusions


Professor Sue Lightman
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
TB and the Eye


Professor John Dart
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
Immunosuppression / Cicatrising conjunctivitis


Professor Tony Moore
Duke Elder Professor of Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL London. Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist Moorfields Eye Hospital and Hospital for Children, Great Ormond Street. Director of Paediatric Ophthalmology Service Moorfields Eye Hospital
Childhood macular dystrophies – genotype, phenotype and prospects for therapy


Professor Paul Foster
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
Angle Closure glaucoma – a classification system


Mr Brian Leatherbarrow
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester
Assessment and management of the adult patient with the watery eye


Professor David Maberley
Vancouver Canada
Diabetic Retinopathy Review


Dr Gordon Plant
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
The Eye in Migraine


Professor Doug Coster
Flinders University Adelaide
Professor Michael A. Thiel
Lucerne, Switzerland
Professor Michael Stern
Researcher at Allergan, Inc USA in Inflammation


Professor S. Ohno
The place of Molecular Genetics in clinical ophthalmology today
Professor N. Rao
Insights into the pathology of inflammatory ocular disease
Professor Jean Jacques Delaey
Vascular tumours and malformations of the retina and optic disc


Mr I. Chris Lloyd
Congenital cataracts - surgery and treatment options
Dr Kathy McClellan
Atopic Eye disease
Professor David Taylor
Optic nerve hypoplasia: The development of the optic nerve and the genes that control it: clinical aspects


Mr Geoffrey Rose
The Lacrimal Paradox - what is "success" in lacrimal surgery


Professor Creig Hoyt
Does Delay In Visual Maturation Exist? "I Think Not!"
Professor Peter Savino
New Concepts In Management Of Giant Cell Arteritis


Dr Bill Aylward
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
Treatment and prevention of PVR


Professor Doug Coster
Dr Kathy McClellan


Professor Creig Hoyt
University California San Francisco
Dr David Taylor
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London UK


Professor William Lee
Dr Gottfried Naumann


Jon Currie
Multiple Sclerosis as seen through the eyes of the Neuro-Ophthalmologist


Professor Doug Coster
Flinders University Adelaide


Mr Richard Collin
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
Ptosis Surgery
Brian Leatherbarrow
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester
Surgical aspects of thyroid eye disease


Professor Ron Klein
From Hypothesis to prevention: Hyperglycaemia and diabetic retinopathy
Professor Barbara Klein
Evidence of Oestrogen effects on age-related eye disease


Professor Roger Hitchings
Moorfields Eye Hospital London

Claffy Lecture 1994

Dr Peter Wright (Head Corneal Unit Moorfields Eye Hospital) Dr Carolyn Ross, Dr Phillip Hayes, Prof Billson 1994

Mr Peter Wright
Moorfields Eye Hospital London

Claffy Lecture 1993

Prof McCluskey, Professor Paul Mitchell, Prof Billson , Professor Sue Lightman (Institute of Ophthalmology Moorfields Eye Hospital) Dr Jenny Danks, Dr John Downie 1993

Professor Sue Lightman
Moorfields Eye Hospital London


Mr Tony Moore
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge UK
Professor Creig Hoyt
University California San Francisco


Professor David Epstein
Director of the glaucoma consultation Service from 1982 to 1991
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School Boston USA

Claffy Lecture 1990

Prof Billson, Professor John Elston, (Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oxford Eye Hospital) Dr Ralph Higgins (Chair SEH Medical Staff Council) 1990

Professor John Elston
Consultant Ophthalmologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer,
University of Oxford

Claffy Lecture 1989

Dr Michael Giblin, Prof Billson, Professor Frederick Jacobiec and Dr Michael Lawless 1989

Professor Frederick A. Jakobiec
Willard Williams Professor, Harvard Medical School,
Director, David G. Cogan Laboratory of Ophthalmic Pathology

Claffy Lecture 1988

Professor Arthur Jampolsky (Founder, The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, CA.USA) 1988

Professor Arthur Jampolsky
Founder, The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute,
UCSF, San Francisco, CA

Claffy Lecture 1987

Professor Frank Billson and Professor Harold Henkes 1987

Professor Harold Henkes
Professor of Ophthalmology in Rotterdam
Foundation member of ISCEV 1958


Inaugural Claffy Lecture as part of Sydney Eye Hospital Centenary celebrations
Professor Marshall Parks
George Washington University Washington DC USA