Colour Blindness and Promising New Gene Therapies

Colour Blindness

"Colour is a sensation, a property of the mind. No matter how bright and vivid and real they seem, colours are inside your head, not outside.''

So says Professor Paul Martin from Save Sight Institute who has been investigating the effectiveness of gene therapy when it comes to treating colour-blind monkeys.

In a recent interview with John Morrison from ABC 702 radio, Paul talked about colour blindness and how it affects a person's ability to distinguish colours from each other.

"It would be nearly impossible for me to do this job if I was colour blind" commented John Morrison during the interview, referring to radio studios which are dominated by red and green lights to indicate whether pieces of equipment are on or off, and how loud they are pumping out audio.

Affecting around 5-10% of the population, and mostly in men, Professor Paul Martin's work provides a fascinating insight into the world we see around us.

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