International Recognition for SSI Research

Save Sight Institute’s Professor John McAvoy has been awarded the Kinoshita Lectureship by the National Foundation for Eye Research.

John McAvoy

John McAvoy

Professor McAvoy is the first Australian, and just the second researcher outside the USA, to receive this prestigious international award for innovative research that contributes to understanding and preventing cataract development. Professor McAvoy presented the Kinoshita Lecture at the International Conference on the Lens at Kona, Hawaii in January 2012.

Further recognising the important contributions being made by Professor McAvoy at Save Sight Institute, is a four-year grant of US$200,000 per annum by the National Health Institute (NHI) in the USA. This much-needed grant will help fund ground-breaking research by John McAvoy and Frank Lovicu into lens development and cataract.

It also marks 33 years of continuous funding for Professor McAvoy from the renowned US body, which has a policy of funding research outside the USA that is pioneering, innovative and helping to advance the field.