Save Sight Institute welcomes Dr Nick Di Girolamo

Nick Di Girolamo

Save Sight Institute is very excited to welcome Dr Nick Di Girolamo to its community of doctors and researchers.

Dr Di Girolamo was recently conferred an Honorary Associate Professor title by The University of Sydney's Faculty of Medicine, due to his significant involvement in research projects with both Save Sight Institute and the Discipline ofDermatology. He is also an Associate Professor and Director of the Ocular Disease Research Unit at the UNSW School of Medical Sciences.

In recent years, Dr Di Girolamo has made significant research contributions to ophthalmology, the most notable being a technique used to restore sight for people suffering blinding corneal disease as a result of infection, burns or chemotherapy.

In conjunction with Dr Stephanie Watson, also an Honorary Associate Professor working with Save Sight Institute, this revolutionary new technique involves taking a small tissue biopsy of stem cells from a patient’s healthy eye, and then placing these stem cells onto a contact lens which is then immersed in a solution whilst the stem cells multiply. After ten days, the contact lens is placed on the diseased eye, significantly improving sight within weeks of the procedure.

Dr Di Girolamo and Dr Watson appeared on the ABC television series "The New Inventors" to present this new method of saving sight, winning the 'People’s Choice' award. See

Dr Di Girolamo wants to improve community awareness of the importance of eye health. He supports fundraising to fast-track research which can save or restore vision, and is regularly featured in radio interviews, newspaper article and magazine profiles. He has worked in several outback NSW eye clinics.

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