Group Leaders

Professor Gerard Sutton
Dr Con Petsoglou
Associate Professor Michele Madigan (Advisor)

Research Activity

The cornea is the clear window at the front of the eye. A transparent cornea is vital to allow light to reach the retina. Further, the cornea provides the major refractive power of the eye for the focusing of images on the retina.

The Cornea Research Group and Lions NSW Eye Bank have over the last two years become very productive in research and supplying sight-saving donated eye tissue to patients in NSW. The two groups work together under the directorship of Professor Gerard Sutton, Dr Con Petsoglou and Associate Professor Michele Madigan to address cornea blindness within the community. The Cornea Research Group has focused its efforts to investigate a number of specific corneal conditions and regeneration of the corneal endothelium.

Corneal Research Group

Left: Prof Gerard Sutton; Main: Prof Gerard Sutton, A/Prof Michele Madigan, Dr Athena Roufas, Dr Jingjing You, Dr Li Wen, Dr Christoper Hodge; Right: Dr Con Petsoglou

Research Areas

Endothelial Disease
Corneal Regeneration Medicine

Current Research Opportunities

Current research opportunities are available.

Commercial collaboration welcome.

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