Group leader

Group Members

John Grigg
Anthony Succar
MScMed(OphthSc), Postgraduate Student
I-van Ho

Research Activities

Research in this group is focused on exploiting the potential of digital media, information technology (IT) and the communications revolution to develop cutting edge ophthalmic teaching services to provide excellence in education of future eye doctors.

The unit is researching initiatives to provide distance learning services and developing innovative ways for students to have clinical trial experience in a virtual arena before engaging in patient practice.


Virtual Ophthalmology Clinic

Grigg, Succar

The unit’s virtual ophthalmology programme allows medical students to gain skills in history taking by making use of ‘virtual’ clinical patients. The histories in the programme's database, transcribed from real patient interviews and presented by interactive virtual
actors, are programmed to reflect symptoms associated with common eye diseases and complaints. The programme mimics real interactions with patients in that students control the order in which they ask questions and gather information to make a diagnosis prior to an examination. The diagnosis is emailed to the student's supervisors before the student is allowed to continue the examination and progress to higher levels of investigation. The strength of the programme is that it allows the student to develop skills in interviewing and forming a diagnosis before practicing on real patients. Its success as a teaching and self-development tool
highlights the direction of future digital and distance learning initiatives.

Colour Vision

The unit has developed digitised versions of traditional colour vision tests to aid the detection of colour vision deficiencies.

Our online plotting software, for example, allows data from a traditional Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test to be entered and then graphically displayed in an instant, thereby eliminating time-consuming hand drawing of plots.

The price is $200. It can be downloaded here.