Group Leader

Professor Stephanie Watson

The Ocular Repair Group mission is to improve outcomes for patients affected by various cornea disorders and diseases. The group focuses on developing innovated solutions to restore sight and promote ocular health. The group is headed by Professor Watson, who is supported by an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (APP1050524). The Ocular Repair group has 3 main research areas:

  • Serious Ocular Infections
    Save Sight Registry – Fight Corneal Blindness!
    Therapeutics and Technology

Serious Ocular Infections

Ocular infections can irreversibly damage the eye's structure resulting in vision loss and even blindness. Prompt use of appropriate antimicrobials can preserve vision. Antimicrobial resistance is emerging as a significant problem. Rational antimicrobial use for ocular infection has the potential to save sight.

Currently, we have a number of research projects with the aim to determine the pattern of pathogenic microbes and prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in the most common, serious and sight-threatening infections encountered in the field of ophthalmology.

Read more about the Serious Ocular Infections projects.

Save Sight Registry - Fight Corneal Blindness!

Save Sight Registries lead the way in fighting the incidence of blindess globally by providing a scientific, web-based platform for eye specialist worldwide to capture high-quality data on patient treatments and outcomes from routine clinical practice.

Save Sight Registries are relevant to clinicians, researchers, public health providers and policy makers seeking to fight ocular blindness and improve patient outcomes in Australia and internationally.

The Fight Corneal Blindness! (FCB!) Project is a web-based registry designed to collect high quality outcomes data from patients in clinical settings on the clinical effectiveness and safety of emerging therapies and surgical techniques on conditions that impair vision and cause blindness, such as keratoconus and corneal infections.

Read more about the Fight Corneal Blindness! Project

Therapeutics & Technology

The Ocular Repair Group focuses on innovative solutions to restore sight and promote ocular health for a range of ocular surface diseases and conditions. With a particular interest in dry eye, stem cell repair, sutureless surgery and ocular trauma.

Read more about our Therapeutics and Technology projects.