Ophthalmic Pathology Research

Research Leader

Professor Peter McCluskey

Team Members

Dr Lay Khoon Too - The John and Shirley Sarks Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Svetlana Cherepanoff - Research Affiliate


Ophthalmic Pathology Research collaborates across many research groups on campus and externally, providing pathologically validated human tissue and support to groups such as the Macular Research Group, Oncology Research Group and Ocular Surface Research Group.

The group draws on a long and proud history of ophthalmic pathology at Sydney Eye Hospital, and uniquely brings together experience in diagnostic pathology, electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry and clinicopathological correlation in the study of human eye diseases.

Reflecting this expertise, the Save Sight Institute is custodian of the world’s largest clinicopathological archive of human eye tissue – the Sarks Archive.